Saying “THANKS” is always an easy job. But when said from the bottom of the heart, it becomes something special. A Special thanks to the Chairman, Management and staff of Florence Public School for their motivation, support and encouragement given to my daughter M.S.HARINI and shaping her the way she is TODAY.

FLORENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL- is one of the best schools in RT NAGAR who cared about the all round development of every child. They create a sense of excitement for learning in every child and helped to feel successful and special in a school setting. Well trained and experienced teachers co-operate very much and helped in the development of new skills. The school offered a stimulating and enriching curriculum in a WARM SECURE AND LOVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT.

The school has a good infrastructure and focused at bringing about an all round development in every child’s life. Good faculty in scholastic and co-scholastic areas in both academics and co-curricular activities is a matter to be highlighted.

Facilities offered are EXCELLENT in terms of classrooms, libraries, laboratories and every other thing a student need for academic excellence.

Recognition in the form of RANK BADGES, CERTIFICATES FOR BOOSTING THE STUDENTS given every term, TALENTS WEEK, EXHIBITIONS and above all to add a crown to the glory of the school is the EVER SMILING FACE OF THE PRINCIPAL AND STAFFS right throughout the day and year has to be appreciated.

In a nutshell, FLORENCE PUBLIC SCHOOL has been the comfort zone for my daughter in helping her in realising her inner self and making her dream come true.

SEETHA LAKSHMI V. [ Parent of M.S.HARINI X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

It is with immense pleasure that we wish to convey our gratitude and heartfelt thanks to the entire high school faculty in general and you in particular for havimg been a guiding factor in this wonderful journey undertaken by our ward Chi.Shreyas.S.Joshi throughout 8th std and up until the 10th std exams

It is with immense pleasure that we share the fact that our son has scored 80% in his board exams and this bears testimony to that not only did the school provide a congenial and harmonious environment for honing his educational skill sets but also your disciplined and unwavering stand on ethics, moral and honesty has left an everlasting impression on him.

The prescribed syllabus was covered very methodically with an even pace where in each student could cope up with the content and there was not a single instance of rushing through the portions. All the teachers were there to clarify those nagging doubts, if any, during normal class hours and after the prescribed hours too..

The zeal and commitment with which you conducted the proceedings during parent-teachers interactions instilled amongst us a confidence that the future of our wards are in safe and committed hands.

One outstanding feature of your administration is the meticulous way in which you phased the special classes prior to final exams and the extra coaching sessions that you arranged for students who had scored low marks in their sectionals. This gave them chance to pull up their socks & come up trumps in their finals, my son being a testimony to this fact.

We would like to acknowledge with heartfelt thanks the extra length you went to see that our ward got an opportunity to overcome his laidback approach towards studies and come out successfully through the exams.

Both my wards MANASA S JOSHI( who scored 95% in her SSLC exams) and SHREYAS S JOSHI( who has scored 80%) having studied in this school will and will always look back with pride towards this institution as this has not only nurtured their dreams about a bright future but also provided them with a platform to realize the same by inculcating in them the strength and determination to sail through various stages of their career.

We would also like to thank the CHAIRMAN and the entire FLORENCE fraternity for shaping the attitude of our children throughout their stay at the school and making them dutiful and responsible citizens of this country and the society at large.


After completing his seventh standard at a CBSE affiliated school in Bangalore, our son Master Nikhil Nair wanted to pursue his further studies in ICSE stream in a premier school in Bangalore.

Going by the legacy of Florence Public School and its enchanting experience of more than 30 years we were very much keen to seek admission for our son in this esteemed institution.

However when we approached the school for admission, we were disappointed to see a notice board in the office lobby stating that “ There is no vacancy for VIII standard for students from other schools.” Inspite of the above notice with little hope in our mind, we decided to approach the principal Ms.Abida Begum.

With a very pleasant smile in her face, she welcomed us and listened to our request. Though initially she was apprehensive about a CBSE background student coping up with ICSE stream in VIII standard, after perusing my son’s Marks Card/ Progress Reports etc and our interaction, she was very kind enough to provide an opportunity for our son for pursuing his further studies in Florence Public School, believing our commitment that Nikhil will certainly perform upto her expectation.

At the same time she had also set a target for my son that he must score 80% in the first exam.

Thanks for the target Madam! ! !

Though it was difficult for my son to cope up with the vast syllabus of ICSE he stood by the commitment given to the Principal and scored 80% marks.

Thereafter Madam reposed further faith in our son and provided all inspiration, encouragement and support throughout his career in Florence.

She also provided further target of 80% in VII Final Exam, 85% in IX Final exam and 90% and above in X Final Exam.

“We now realise Madam the significance of such targets.”

We are glad that by the inspiration, encouragement, support, care and compassion by the Principal Ms Abida Begum and her team of experienced and talented teachers of Florence Public School and by the Grace of God our son 0scored 95.4% in his X standard Final Examination and proved that the decision taken by Principal Madam in providing admission to our son was absolutely perfect.

We salute you Madam for the inspiration, courage, support and your patronage to the entire Management and students of Florence Public School for elevating the School to heights of success and earning a respectable position at the state as well as National level.

We wish you Madam and your team all the best in the years to come.

SAJI KUMAR S. [ Parent of NIKHIL NAIR X ICSE 2015-16 Batch

My daughter Zaiba Siddiqua is a student of Florence Public School, R.T.Nagar, from Nursery class to 10th Standard. She scored distinction right from Nursery to 10th Std. After completing her primary level, she came to High school.

While taking admission to 8th std. we had two options, viz; state syllabus and ICSE syllabus. I was confused as I had the impression that ICSE is a tough syllabus and wanted my child to go with State syllabus. But the school Principal asked us to take ICSE syllabus and my daughter too was interested in ICSE.

The school has absolutely clean and safe environment with the best teachers who always motivated us and took the pains of giving the best education to my daughter. It is a safe place like home away from home for my daughter. As she came to 10th Std, I approached the principal for asking the option of external coaching, which she told not to send my daughter to any external coaching.

The school principal conducted special classes in early mornings and evenings with daily tests and RFTs to improve. But in the first 3 or 4 tests she couldn’t score as the papers were difficult and she got less marks for the first time. Here I was a bit confused and thought of switching her over to state syllabus. Bu the principal again told us to believe in my daughter’s abilities and concentrate more on weak points.

During her preparatory, pre – final and final exams, my daughter was very tense and disturbed as all of a sudden her mother (my wife) fell ill and she was hospitalized in different hospitals with life threatening disease (Cerebellar Hematoma) and in ICU of 13 weeks after brain surgery.

I had a very tough time of my life throughout this time. Managing children, home, work and taking care of my wife in hospital. In this melee I lost my home and work. It was very difficult to adjust with life as one side the hospital expenses were very huge and the other side no income. In this hard time I borrowed money from my relatives and friends to pay the medical bills of the hospitals. And by God’s grace she is on path of recovery now.

With all these problems around, my daughter didn’t have the peace of mind to study well for her exams. One day, the Principal called me and asked to come to school for collecting her exams hall ticket. I couldn’t go to school on time as I alone was taking care of my wife in hospital who was bed-ridden for the past 10 weeks. And when I met principal and narrated my plight, she was kind enough and asked my daughter not to get distracted with these problems and asked me to believe and trust god.

But Hats off to the School Principal and teachers, they managed and helped my daughter to study well. With their consistent efforts my daughter worked hard for her exams and passed with distinction securing 93% without any external coaching.

This result was excellent as it brought a smile on her mother’s face and more importantly made my mind to believe that her choice of ICSE syllabus at High School level is good for students which makes one strong to face the future more effortlessly. I strongly suggest for the parents of students who are admitting their children in 8th Std. to take ICSE Syllabus and believe in their child’s abilities.

Last but not least, lots of thanks and gratitude to the School Management, Principal and all the teachers for making my daughter to achieve this success(i.e from Nursery to 10th Std.)

Md. Rizvi Siddiqui [ Parent of Zaiba Siddiqua X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

A place where every new day was an adventure and inspiration for my son Keerthi Rajan’s success.

The teacher is the creator. I bow my head in deep reverence to all the teachers. In the midst of darkness light persists and in the midst of service oriented smile flourishes. The teachers of FPS were the very impersonation of light and smile in many ways.

My son Keerthi Rajan joined FPS in the 8th std and completed his tenth standard successfully with a high percentage of 95%. Dedicated teachers have helped him to secure 95% without any guidance of private coaching classes.

The school has a child friendly environment. Affordable fee structure and high quality teaching have constantly been appreciated by parents from all walks of life. It has been the source of inspiration for all my son’s success in studies and also extra-curricular like singing, debate etc. The dedication and devotion of Principal and the teachers helped him to win the “ Voice of Florence” award 2015.

“FPS” have over the years become the school of choice in the locality.

Bidding adieu to FPS, I conclude by thanking the Principal and all teachers for making my son to be self confident and able to face the world with courage. These lines of a poem shows Keerthi Rajan’s gratitude to the Principal and teachers of FPS.

Just as a soul longs to meet some loved one,

Just as a fish when it lies when there is no water,

So is my life when separated from “FPS”(Principal and all teachers)

Hasten to my help, “O” Protector of Knowledge giver.

Thank you.

R. Krishnan & K. Uma [Parents of K Keerthi Rajan- outgoing student of FPS]

The two orphan girl students 1. SHIFA KOUSER and 2.SABA KOUSER daughters of late Makbul Ahmed and late Muneera Begum studied in your great education institution with support by the Grace of Almighty ALLA and your goodness and blessings during their education career in your education institution from 8th to 10th standard during the year 2010 to 2012 and 2011 to 2014.

Now both the girls have studied their higher studies in Mount Carmel College Vasanthnagar, Bangalore. SHIFA KOUSER passed her B.A. Degree examination in distinction with 91.00% during 2015-16 and SABA KOUSER passed her II PUC examination in distinction with 92.70% during 2015-16.

These due to your kind blessings and support during their education in your great education institution.

Both the children are praying for your good health and improvements of the great education institution.

As I am the grandfather and guardian looking towards their maintenance and education, I thanks your goodness and helping nature for the above orphan children during their studies in your education institution.

I pray Almighty Alla for your prosperous health and to your family and also pray for financial support to improve your great education institution.

Thanking you with Regards.


This letter is to thank the principal and the Florence academy and the teachers of Florence for giving him a wonderful education and making him more comfortable in his studies.

Although my son was not good in his studies. I can say that it only because of this school and more over only because of this principal my son tried to score a 70% in his boards. And I the father of Chetan . R want to heartly thank the management for selecting such a talented teachers and providing a good atmosphere for his studies.

I once again like to thank the Principal ma’am because of ma’am my son was able to score a better percentage in his board exams.

B. Raju [ Parent of Chetan . R X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

I take pride in giving out my appreciation to you and to your institution. It was a very pleasant and memorable experience for my daughter who completed her 10th successfully this year in your esteemed institution.

My heartfelt thanks goes to you and to all your teachers out there who helped my daughter whenever required.

You and your teachers were so approachable that we never felt the stress of board last year.

The HATs and RFTs conducted in your school helped my daughter to revise her lessons daily, and also boost her confidence.

Thanking you for all the support and guidance given by you and your teachers once again.


My son Mohammed Asadulla was the student of your school during the academic year 2015-16 has completed his 10th successfully.

I am really thankful to the Principal and Teachers of Florence Public School for their effort towards my son for completing his 10th successfully. The method and the way of teaching which was organized by the principal were amazing.

I really appreciate the leadership of the Principal as she has put her effort towards each and every individual student. The way she organized and planned was really great which she did along with the teachers to educate their students.

Once again I am really thankful to the Chairman, Principal and Teachers.

Thanks for your continuous co operation.

Mohamed Ubaidulla [Parent of Mohammed Asadulla ubaydullag@gmail.com]

My son Mohammed Laeeq was the student of your school during the academic year 2015-16 has completed his 10th successfully.

I am really thankful to the Principal and Teachers of Florence Public School for their effort towards my son for completing his 10th successfully. The method and the way of teaching which was organized by the principal were amazing.

I really appreciate the leadership of the Principal as she has put her effort towards each and every individual student. The way she organized and planned was really great which she did along with the teachers to educate their students.

Once again I am really thankful to the Chairman, Principal and Teachers.

Thanks for your continuous co operation.

Mohammed Rafeeq [ Parent of Mohammed Laeeq Laeeq19@yahoo.com]

My daughter’s school started with Florence Public School for I standard and ended with X standard. She studied in ICSE. From the school beginning, school’s Principal took utmost care to put her in right path with a lot of discipline and studiousness in her studies. She was motivated and persuaded to do best in all disciplines. Class teachers were specially assigned to give guidance and counseling in her efforts to bear fruit and to be in best of her abilities.

Her strengths were identified to excel and observed her weaknesses to correct them regularly. School diairies were regularly checked for better guidance and monitoring. Her talents were made to bloom by giving opportunities to perform in school days functions. Initially I regret that I had joined for ICSE. But later on when I saw her results I felt I did a good job.

I congratulate school management, Principals, teachers and other staff for keeping my daughters hopes high and doing all the best efforts in achieving the success.

I wish may feathers to school cap to be leader in Bangalore North.

G. M. Varadaraju [ Parent of KARUNA VARADARAJU X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

My daughter, Shreya Roy, has studied in Florence Public School from 2009 and she loved her staying over here.

As parent I am very happy with her performance in ICSE(94.5%). The credit goes to school management, teachers and of course my daughter. The planning of the school management in catering to different student’s need was excellent. The continuous assessment taken by the teachers and their timely review has helped the students to improve. The most appreciable part of the school is approachability. Parents can share their problems to teachers and Principal at any point of time and they are ready to help to improve the performance of the child.

Overall I am very satisfied and highly recommend FPS for overall development of child.

Lily Roy [Mother of Shreya Roy – XICSE [2015-16]]

I’m the parent of ANANYA.N., ex-student of FPS. I can hardly believe that my daughter completed 10 years in Florence Public School. My daughter had taken the board exams this year (2016) and passed with flying colours.

In these past years my daughter has grown into an honest, confident and hard working girl. I would like to thank the Principal and the teachers for that. The one to one attention she received from the teachers has made her confident in her abilities and sparked her interest in many different subjects. Participating in Voice of Florence taught my daughter to be dedicated and disciplined.

As a parent whenever we get credit for my child’s achievement, I just say that my child has the best teachers, Principal and she is in the best school. Thanks to the Principal and the teachers for bringing out the best in her. FPS itself and the facilities are outstanding. I would like to thank the Principal and the teachers as well as the staff of FPS.

Savitha S. [Mother of Ananya N]

I am a parent of Sathvika S who studied in your school has passed out 10th in the year 2015-16 with percentage of 94.33. This achievement was without tuitions and only school coaching.

The Principal and the teachers were very caring and co-operative. They helped students to understand difficult concepts and paved the way for their success. The teachers were ready to clear their doubts even after school hours. The credit to score such a good percentage without tuitions goes to teachers who trained the students and helped to improve concentration and interest.

Your school not only helped my child academically but also morally. Your school maintains good discipline and teaches good moral values. I am thankful for all your facilities.

Lalithamba S. [Parent of Sathvika S]

I am really very happy that I sent my son Harsh Garg to Florence Public School.

I am very much satisfied with his performance in the board exams and would like to give the credit to the school management and staff. I would like to thank you for starting facilities like the High Achievers Test [HAT] and the Rapid Fire Tests (RFT). In the beginning I felt that these tests would pressurize the students but later, realised that these kind of tests were very helpful as my son was able to give equal amount of concentration to each subject. Most of the students pay attention to science and maths only, but due to these tests my son also paid attention to subjects like English, Social, Hindi and Computer. Therefore, I thank you Ma’am for these facilities which helped him a lot.

Apart from this I would like to thank all the teachers for taking up special classes. These classes were very useful as my son could clear all his doubts in a particular subject. These classes helped him to clear his portions on time. It was because of these classes that my son got time to revise everything thoroughly when the finals was about to arrive. So I thank the teachers for giving their crucial time to the students.

I am thankful to you for conducting competitions. The ‘Talents Week’ is really an outstanding event as it gives opportunity to each and every student to come up and show their talent. The ‘Annual Day’ is a memorable day. The excellent performances by the students won my heart. The Sports day too gave the students an opportunity to win prizes. So thank you very much Ma’am for all this.

Lastly I would like to tell the parents for not thinking twice before getting their son/ daughter admitted to this school. It is a great school with tidy surrounding and excellent staff. The management & staff really helps a lot and they would surely turn your child into a good personality.

Arti Garg. [Mother of Harsh Garg]

I was looking for a good change of school for my children, as we had shifted. I was recommended FPS by a lot of my neighbors. I approached the school. I was zapped by the courteous behavior of the staff. Not the usual indifferent one I saw in various others.

I put both my children in FPS. My elder daughter had to move from 7th to 8th, state board to ICSE. We had to give an undertaking, that we were responsible for her well being. It was an uphill task, to understand the subjects, many a days she would come home crying, as coping with the subjects was a problem. Slowly, with ample help from her teachers, she picked up. She ended her school by bagging the BEST STUDENT OF THE YEAR AWARD!!

My younger daughter was encouraged by the school, to take part in extracurricular activities. She was good at karate, chess. Was interested to model for Advertisements. Her teachers and the Principal were a great source of encouragement. She passed out this year with a distinction.

They achieved their academic excellence with the help of their teachers, who are always ready to help out, and NO EXTERNAL TUITIONS!

Another great positive point, my heartfelt thanks to the principal and her staff, they have shaped my children into confident, well mannered children.

A mere thanks does not do justice to the Mother & sisters of FPS. God Bless Them.

Mrs. RENUKA SELVAKUMAR [Parent of Shruthi Selvakumar X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

We want to express our sincere appreciation to you for being the most superb school principal we have ever known. Your leadership during the time that my two children Nishanth.J.Naidu & Siddhant. J. Naidu have attended your school has been remarkable and inspiring. I know many other parents and students feel the same way, even though we might forget to tell you how much we appreciate you. Thank you again for your wise and strong leadership. Our school is definitely a better place because you are there.

We now can scarcely believe that our son Siddhant.J. Naidu’s time at Florence School has come to an end. It truly seems like just yesterday that we were buying his first uniform and getting him ready for his first day of school.

In these past few years Siddhant has grown into an honest, considerate, hardworking young man and we know that we have Florence School to thank for that. The one-to-one attention that Siddhant received from your teachers has made him confident in his abilities and sparked his interest in many different subjects. Volunteering & participating in extracurricular activities at Florence School also helped and taught Siddhant the value of discipline and teamwork that will serve him well throughout the rest of his life.

Florence School is a supportive community focused on giving each student the best education possible, and your leadership provided our children with just that.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks personally to each one at Florence School for all the hard work, extra time, personal attention & motivation given to our children, and we know that it is in large part due to your assistance and support that Siddhant & the other children will have a bright future ahead of them.

Janikiram Krishnamurthy Naidu [ Parent of SIDDHANT NAIDU X STATE 2015-16 Batch]

I would like to express my appreciation for the support, guidance, assistance, and much more that you have done for my daughter. My daughter joined your school 11 years back for UKG and now finished her ICSE X board exams at 87.2%.

We as parents always want our children to be best, despite our best efforts, it’s the school principal and teachers who help us realize our dreams. I would like to thank you and management for helping us during our financial crisis by allowing us to pay the fees late. My wife Latha joins me in thanking Principal, all teachers and staff for helping Nisha excel in studies.

SRINIVAS K. [Parent of Nisha S. X ‘A1’ ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

Florence Public School caters to the needs of people around R.T.Nagar to educate the children in a nice environment. One big factor for parents is the school’s own transportation which removes the worrisome movement from the parent’s mind. Children are taken care in the bus, while travelling while boarding the bus and when getting down. I wish to thank all the drivers and the people who assist in this activity.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy goes a saying. The school caters to the need of the child in studies games and extra-curricular activities with equal importance.

The one thing which I wish to state is the school does not have it’s own play-ground, but that is a small disadvantage.

The teachers were all very courteous and always available for any clarifications. They used to meet the parents at frequent intervals and express the students plus and minus points. These things helped my son to get corrected and move in the right direction.

We are extremely happy with the school and wish all the teachers and thank them in grooming and motivating all students. Wishing many more years of service to education.

K. SUDHA AND KUPPUSWAMY [ Parent of Lokavishruth X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

I wish to bring to your kind notice that my daughter, Maanya M Chavan, who studied in your school from LKG till 7th grade scored between 1st- 4th rank. The guidance given by the school teachers was invaluable. Based on the guidance she opted for ICSE syllabus for her high school. As the school began for the 10th grade, you had asked us to come for counseling and during that, you had decided to conduct the special class along with the regular tests which took place every day and it was indeed a great pleasure to accept the interest shown by the school management. Along with them the monthly tests, mid-terms and pre-board examinations made my daughter more studious, focused and concentrated to achieve better scores in each and every test.

As a parent, I am very happy about the school’s approach towards imparting excellent coaching to perform well in the exams. However, students were also given an opportunity to participate in the extracurricular activities to show their calibre in various fields. This is important as it relieved the students from their stress. At last, I am very happy and proud to inform that my daughter scored 93.8% in the board exam without any external tuitions and I heartily dedicate this score for her hard work along with the guidance and coaching given by your school. I also wish my daughter to be successful in her future endeavours.

PARENT of Maanya M. Chavan [MAANYA M CHAVAN X ICSE 2015-16 BATCH]

I, mother of Adnan Khan, am very happy for sending my child to Florence Public School, because I am extremely happy with the final results that my son has achieved. This was entirely possible only due to teacher’s guidance and constant support from the Principal.

The most appreciated facility provided was the special classes provided which truly helped the students to get really good results.

Hina Kauser [ Parent of ADNAN KHAN X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

My son Sakthi vel studied in this school(Florence Public School) since his studies commenced from his kindergarten. It’s totally a gift or honour for a child to study in this school .

It has all the facilities for a child to get good education .The atmosphere make the child not only educated but also well cultured and dignified and capable for their future.

The teachers are well educated and capable to handle all sorts of children with calm in a peaceful way and also to handle the child who is good and bad in all the way and get them to the right path.

As a parent I lost the hope on my child to do his ICSE Exam but the teachers and management had confidence on my child. They tapped potential and gave the confidence and coaching to him to get him up with good marks and ability to face his Exam. At last my son got his good marks in final. He got 75% of his final result.

Thanks to all the staffs and the school who gave this support and happiness to me and my son.

G. MALA [ Parent of SAKTHI VEL X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

Dear Principal, teachers & Management, I would like to express my appreciation for the guidance, support, assistance and much more that you have done for my daughter.

Actually as working parents we prefer school like Florence which provide maximum support & guidance in all the ups & downs of the child and provide complete protection.

Due to the school support my daughter could achieve a good percentage in the 10th ICSE Board exams of 2016 without tuitions and she got admission in Mount Carmel College in PCME combination.

I remember with great gratitude that, the teachers of Florence attended clearing doubts of my daughter and gave support as and when it was required.

The school which we have selected for our child is the ‘Best’.

Beena John [Parent of Priyanka B. X ICSE 2015-16 BATCH]

Florence Public School is one of the finest school in R.T.Nagar, Bengaluru. Its my pleasure to say this because my daughter has studied in this school from LKG to 10th. And this year she has passed with 83% in ICSE exam which I feel will help us in getting into better PU Colleges. This has come due to the sincere effort of the faculty and Principal Madam. The most critical thing is you do not require outside TUTIONS for 9th & 10th as it is well taken care from the school teaching faculty.

CHITTARANJAN PARIDA [Father of Anvita Parida X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

I have always heard that the school is the sculptor and the students were its sculptures in making, and over the passage of time I have come to a stand where I can truly believe that Florence has shaped my children to become better human beings.

My older daughter studied here first, and today she has the courage and confidence to stand on her own two feet and follow her dreams. My second daughter, was second to step into this school. This school gave her many opportunities to go out and explore herself, which helped her gain a lot of confidence, she did get a little distracted from her studies, but the school was able to bring her focus back, and now she’s able to balance both her studies and her extracurriculars. My son, the youngest among them, is also studying in Florence and I have confidence that this school will help him come out of his shell as well.

Nothing is more important to a parent than their child’s success and happiness. Hence I thank this school for being such an integral part in my children’s lives.

Mr. Manjunath H. N. [ Parent of YUKTHA MANJUNATH X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]

We parents of Akash Deep K would like to thank the Principal and teachers for the hard work in brightening students future and outstanding results of the school. We are really proud to say our son has not attended any coaching class, he was only coached and guided only from the school. Which made him to secure 87.36% in board.

According to our concern the school has shown outstanding performance in curricular & co-curricular activities. The students have been well trained to attend competitive exam with amazing results.

We would kindly thank management and teachers.

G. Krishna Murthy, K Shanbakavalli [ Parents of Akash Deep K]

Thanking you for the patronage and encouragement for my son’s academic performance.

My son Mr. G. Muni Venkat Charan a student of your esteemed School has scored well in his ICSE 10th standard in the year 2015.

He has gained a seat in the St. Josephs College for Commerce. We indeed thank you and your eminent staff for guiding him and moulding him to do well. Without your support he couldn’t have done the same.

Hence appreciate the tremendous support from the school under your leadership and acknowledge the same.

G. M. Prasanna [G M Prasanna]

I would like to “thank you” for your gratitude for my son Syed Saif.

I also had studied in a very big school and known other Principals who are just Principals and known to be strict and no considerations and that they have to follow only principles.

First time I have seen a Principal who encourage children who are weak in their studies. You are like a light and support for the children who are in darkness. When I was small I always wanted to be a teacher but got married soon and today my daughter also has the same dream to become a teacher.

Mam you are my Idol and inspiration to make my daughter just like you one day Insha – Allah.

Once again Thank you Mam for your kindness, we will always be grateful to you, may Allah give you good health and all the happiness in life.

Nazeema Sameer [Parent of Syed Saif X STATE [2015-16]]

I am a proud parent of Abdul Shakeeb Khan who was studying 10th C was an average student. you made my child a I class student. I am really thankful for it.

Shafi-ulla- Khan D. [Parent of Abdul Shakeeb Khan X STATE [2015-16]]

I would like to tell that the coaching provided in Florence is good according to the experience of my daughter Priyanka. B. who studied in X “B” section. She tells that the coaching is good as she scored nearly as much as she expected and the teachers are quite co-operative and understanding. Till now, she tells me that she used to like listening to your explanation.

The most that she was interested/ excited was the Talent’s Week, especially Voice Of Florence. She has told me that she used to enjoy it. Annual Day practising etc, Graduation Day was very special for her and it was a milestone for her.

By concluding, she has told me that she “LOVES HER SCHOOL” and she is proud to be a “FLORENCIAN”.

Balaji N. [Parent of Manasa John. X ICSE 2015-16 Batch]
As a builder, I knew how to construct a house and I was aware of the fact that home is where the heart is which truly make the house become a home. But my children made me realise when they used to run and come to school and not stay home even for a single day. My son excelled well in academics as well as cricket. My daughter was excellent in academics and a very good dancer. The Annual Days, the Talents Week, Independence Day celebration, Teachers Day and Childrens Day helped my children grow up to be good citizens of India. Today when I converse with my children they make me feel ‘J’ that I was not a Florencian when I was small.
I feel I am not doing a very good job of just building a house but Florence has paved the way for thousands of children to look forward as good human beings across the globe. Now I realise if I had not admitted my children in Florence I would have not understood the true meaning of 'Home away from Home Long' live Florence .
Thanking you. Mr. Narayanswamy (Builder)

As parents of Shreyas Hebbar and Sanjana Hebbar, we are happy that we enrolled our children into such an excellent institute. We have no regrets. Be it their vocabulary, spellings, maths, drawing………….. no words when it comes to your Institute’s teaching. Hats off to you Madam for maintaining the school’s standard over the years.

Thank You.

Anitha R. and Raghavendra Rao [Parents of Shreyas and Sanjana Hebbar]

Freedom to me means being responsible for my mistakes despite the consequences. Freedom means making my own decision whether it is good or bad. I want to be independent and face the real world rather than face only a glimpse of the real world. There should be freedom for learning, age shouldn’t be the criteria, freedom to study higher education at young age. Freedom to me also means, freedom to choose my role model and what I want to become despite the difficulties despite the failure. Hence, freedom cannot be asked it must be achieved .

Faisal ( X ‘A1’ )

Time does not wait for any one. It just flies. Same is the case with me. My four children have successfully graduated from the great institution called Florence. Education is just not scoring marks.

My kids have not only excelled in academics but were very good at co-curricular and extra curricular activities. The mentoring done by teachers at Florence made my children walk with pride in various prestigious colleges of Bangalore where they have left a deep impact. Today they are placed well not only as professionals but are treated with respect, held in high esteem for their moral values and etiquettes in society by one and all. I, as a social worker would have got many schools for my children across Bangalore but would have not got one school which imparts holistic knowledge, practical skills, emotional growth, intellectual development, sporting spirit, cultural values and patriotism under one roof. For this I was always and I will always be grateful to Florence.

Mr. Jaleel Ahmed (Social Worker)

Florence to me means a full fledged institutions which caters to the need of today where my child was made to learn and become a successful man. When I look back, I not only feel happy but extremely proud and thankful to the management and staff members for moulding my child with required human values of love, respect, caring and sharing, sympathy, kindness, cultural values and above all extreme love for our own country. These values have made him to imbibe a sense of belongingness and service to humanity in the society.

Today my son is a proud enterpreuner and a professional. He is into business plus into taking care of human resources. This leadership quality he has picked up from Florence and I am very sure my son will reach many more greater heights in future.

All these was possible only because I chose a home like place and not just a school i.e Florence. Congratulation to Florence Family.

Mr. Ashok Shroff (Business man)

I am proud to be an ex parent of Florence Public School, R.T.Nagar which is just not a school but a complete family where a child is nurtured and made to develop his psycho motor, intellectual, emotional and academic skills . Teachers are finely tuned to behave and act like second mothers. Every minutes detail is taken care of. Tuitions are a real no no even when a child is about to face the Board Exam.

Technology no doubt plays a role but human touch brings the best out of every individual. I was care free till my sons were in Std. X but was very much worried how they will cope with the outside world away from the homely atmosphere. I was wrong, they were infact trained up to face every challenge coming their way and be good even in their colleges.

Kudos to Florence Management, Teachers and Non Teaching Staff.

Ms. Shabana (Teacher)

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