Florence celebrated Platinum Jubilee Celebration the 75th Independence day of our nation with lot of energy and enthusiasm. The celebrations started with our school Chairman Shri F A Kudroli hoisting the national tricolour and took the general salute.

Florence Public School celebrated her 37th Annual day with great pomp & grandeur.

After a gap of 2 years , the Florecians were back with a bang and they rocked . The celebrations kicked of with the choir group rendering a melodious invocating song dedicated to the Goddess of Learning .

Our Principal Ms. Abida , warmly welcomed the chief guest , Mr. Dr Jaya Prakash BEO North3 In her school report , she listed out the achievements made by the Florecians at State , National and International levels , in Academics , Sports & extra curricular activities . It was a proud moment for the parents to listen to their child's achievements .

Our Chairman, Mr .F.A. Kudroli gave away prizes to the school toppers, subject toppers in both streams of ICSE and State Board examination for the academic year 2021- 22 , acknowledging their meritorious efforts .The proud parent also accompanied the students to receive the awards. Not but the least , the teachers and the support staff serving the school for 10 , 15, 20 , 25 , 30 & 35 years, were also acknowledge and awarded .

The Chief guest , in his speech extolled about the giant strides the school has taken to become one of the best schools in North Bangalore in just three decades. He also complimented the parents to have chosen a school which not just imparts best education but gives equal importance to the extra curricular and co- curricular activities for an al-round development of child right from pre- nursery to High School .

The Cultural programme depicted the rich tradition and diverse culture of our country . A large number of students participated in various dances in classical , tradition folk , Bhangra , Kathak and cotemporary styles and showed their skill in choreography and synchronization to the tune of melodious Hollywood and Sandalwood numbers. The Live orchestra had both beautiful and melodious numbers as tributes to the departed personalities of the entertainmentindustry .

The mythological Kannada drama depicting the Krishna Sandesha- the message of peace was flawlessly enacted while the English drama evoked lot of laughter . The funny dance - a comical dance sequence based on some beautiful Hindi film songs really had everyone out of their seats .

The pick of the dances was of course the Tribute to Dr. Puneeth Rajkumar. The students made it a memorable dance performance dancing to the tune of melodious numbers of the late actor showing his growth from a talented child artiste to the charismatic hero till his death . The ‘Bombe Helidayithe’ song with a live doll on stage grooving to the tune had the whole audience mesmerized

But our school day is never complete without the Style Act . The students walked the ramp showcasing the Royalty . The girls and boys in richensemble , with their grand dresses in a breathtaking stage setup was the ultimate show .

The programme was a complete and a memorable one which will remain nostalgic forever .


Florence celebrated Platinum Jubilee Celebration the 75th Independence day of our nation with lot of energy and enthusiasm. The celebrations started with our school Chairman Shri F A Kudroli hoisting the national tricolour and took the general salute.

A group of girls and boys performed aerobics in graceful formations and kept the audience enthralled.

The speeches in Hindi , Kannada and English given by Mohammed Ifham, Harshitha Patil and Aamna Shaik described our nation's struggle for freedom and subsequent formation of our democracy. They spoke eloquently about our country's progress and her global position in the present day.

The cultural programmes showcased the diverse culture of our country. The students from primary classes danced enthusiastically to the tune of patriotic song Tu Saare Jahan se pyari Tu Bharat ki Beti.

The other cultural events included dance numbers to the tune of Kannada and Hindi patriotic songs which were nostalgic and transported us back to the golden era of beautiful and meaningful lyrics. The choir group presented “Veera dheera Ralida” in Kannada.

The perfect backdrop of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav was the self composed and written songs by Florence Team “Desh Bhakti Mera pyar hai” was sung and dance performed on “Bharat Mera Wardan Hai” captivated the mind and souls of audience.

The most nostalgic and magical moment was when our children paid tribute to the Ex and present sports professionals who are stalwarts in different games. That was eye catching. Finally poetry written by kids in English , Kannada and Hindi stole the show.


The 32nd investiture ceremony for the academic session 2022 - 23 was organised in our school premises for the leaders to take charge formally. They were pinned with the badges by our school Chairman Shri F A Kudroli, which was a much awaited function. The leaders, the various members of the four houses received their badges with great enthusiasm and promised to uphold the spirit of unity, honesty, equality, impartiality, morality in all their activities. They pledged to carry out their duties with sincerity while keeping in mind the values they have been taught by their teachers.

The Secretary Students' Council Sai Siddharth spoke passionately about “Lessons learnt during Covid 19 Pandemic”. Maaz Hamid Manna Cultural Secretary spoke about “Disability itself is an ability”. School Captain Nadia Ali spoke about “Accept the similarities and respect the differences”, Sakshi Praveen – House Co-ordinator spoke about “Role of a school in Personality development”.

Chairman Shri F A. Kudroli congratulated the leaders and advised them to be disciplined and stay focused. He stressed at the importance of being disciplined to achieve success at any level. He also praised their confidence, their body language and their fluency in their speeches and promised to interact with them. The lively song rendered with obvious enjoyment added flavour to the programme “O Meri Laadli pyari behna”.

It was a memorable afternoon. The cabinet members and the house captains had a great time and will definitely cherish the memories for a long time.

Graduation Day 8th February 2020

The 29th graduation day for the outgoing tenth standard students was hosted by our school management last week. It was a solemn function organised to bid farewell and to seek God's grace and blessings. The programme started with the invocation prayer from different religions symbolising unity in divinity. Our principal Ms. Abida welcomed the gathering formally and addressed them. Afnaan Ahmed, Kalaivani, Yukta Madhu, Mohd. Ilham spoke their heart out elaborating on their experiences in school, their ideas for future, what they have learnt from being there in school etc. Syed Shoban Iman motivated the students to aim higher and better. S. Chaitanya, an upcoming cricketer and playing at state level, spoke with gratitude for all the encouragement and support he had received from the school management towards his career in cricket and promised to be a true florentian wherever he is in future. Syeda Zuhaira penned her thoughts on graduation in a form of poem and dedicated it to her friends.

Chairman Shri. F A Kudroli addressed the gathering. He stressed on the importance of being disciplined and advised them to stay focussed, while giving importance to the values taught in the school. He appreciated the students on their flair and fluency with which they made their speeches. Sir lit their candles symbolising the passing of the flame of knowledge. Deserving students were awarded with Best outgoing students awards and prizes for their punctuality, obedience and grooming were also given. All the students were presented with a momento. The students had a memorable day and went away with a heavy heart with nostalgic memories.

Annual Day Celebration 2019

Our school's 34th annual day was organised with our usual fervour and enthusiasm. The programme was replete with variety entertainment. Dances, skits, nostalgic songs from yester years and much more.

The programme kick-started with a melodious invocation song rendered by our choir students. Our principal Ms. Abida presented the annual report listing the various achievements of our students in various fields during the academic year. Our chairman Sri F. A. Kudroli gave away the prizes for the school toppers and subject toppers of the last year's Board examination. The teachers and other support-staff who have worked for 10years, 15 years, 20 years and 30years were felicitated. The chief guest Shri. H.N.Raju, Sr. Assistant Director, addressed the gathering about the importance of learning the basic etiquettes by the students and their behaviour towards their parents, teachers and elders.

The variety entertainment included foot tapping dance numbers of different genre from Bollywood, patriotic dance numbers in Kannada praising our state and her language. The students themselves choreographed the dances and the response was overwhelming. The students enacted the mythological skit Basmasura in kannada and the English skit showcased the effects of global warming and deforestation. The students showed their true mettle when they danced to the tune of famous Michael Jackson numbers. Of course the highlight of our program was the much awaited style act showcasing the indo Western style and the students walked the ramp like professionals.

A memorable programme for the students to show their calibre and the audience walked away happy with their children's performances.

Rajyotsava Celebration 2019

The Rajyotsava celebrations in our school is celebrated throughout the November month. Our state with its rich tradition and diverse culture gives us a lot of scope for variety in the celebrations.

Various competitions are being held to make our students aware of the rich history of our state and our language.

To begin with our students choir group presented our nadageethe in the morning assembly. Dressed in the flag colours of our state they sang the song with enthusiastic fervour. Maathinallli Gaade, tested the flair and the fluency of the students. Harshitha, Nitya, Prajwal, and Trisha won the first, second, third prize.

A fancy dress competition was held for the students of 8th and 9th std students. The students dressed in relevant costumes showcased the different aspects of Karnataka. Darshan dressed as Sangoli Rayanna won the first prize. The other winners included Piyush dressed as Shivaji and Sahana dressed as 'Kuruvanje'. Other events which will be held henceforth during the course of this month are lokageethe, quiz in Kannada, own poetry writing and recitation.

Talents Week [MIME]

An interhouse mime event was held for the high school students. Abstract topics like empathy, tolerance, perseverance and patience were given to the students. The students had to think of an original script.

The red house students showcased the impact of the recent floods in Kerala and how the people reacted and responded with empathy towards the unfortunate, affected people. They showed how people of other states went out of their way to initiate rescue efforts and coordinated to mobilise materialistic requirements and made sure it reached the needy in Kerala. The red house students comprising of Piyush, Ketan Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Mohd, Abdullah Khubaib, Syed Emaad, Gurukiran, Yashas.L, and Abdul Mannan won the first prize. They portrayed the characters effectively to bring out empathy. The students showed their creativity, by depicting their sensitivity.

Talents Week [Lingua Franca Quiz]

An interhouse quiz in English grammar and language titled Lingua Franca' was hosted for the high school students. The four houses were represented by three students,one each from 8th, 9th and 10th grade who had topped the prelims held earlier.

The students were tested in their knowledge of language, vocabulary, grammatical ability and fluency in the usage. The rounds gathered momentum as the points increased. The teams participated with enthusiasm and intense competition ensuring that there was no dull moment. In the end the blue house students comprising of Priyadharshini, Noor Safiya and Syeda Zainab Suhail from 10th, 9th and 8th won the quiz with Nishanka, Gaargi and Krupa being the Runners-up.

Talents Week

The wait was finally over October was here ! Almost every student eagerly waits for this month. October is month filled with extra – curricular activities. These include sports day and talents week. This year too, October brought great joy and immense pleasure to all. Towards the beginning , we had our Sports Day which was packed with events like tug-of-war , relay , shot put , long jump and various track events. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all and it was fascinating to see.

Towards the end of October we had Talents week. As its name correctly portrays, it is a week where students are allowed to showcase their talent.

Dance is a form of art through which emotions and feelings are expressed, we had solo dance as well as group dance and it was truly spectacular and we got to see how each dancer had a story to tell. It is said that Music is peace to our soul, and we heard beautiful, melodious voices in the events like western singing, karaoke singing and VOF, i.e, Voice of Florence. Followed by it, we had inter house comical Drama competition.

Coming to the brainiac events, we had general quiz, hosted beautifully by our ex – senior, Lingua Franca hosted wonderfully by our principal Ma'am and IT Quiz hosted by our special guest of the Quiz. Moving on, we had debates in English, Hindi and Kannada. There were events like Verbattle in English, Mono acting in Kannada and Dumbcharades in Hindi and RJ ing too. Then, came Style Act and the theme was retro, it was great. Next up, we had Mime, which proved the quote, 'speech is silver, but silence is golden'. It was remarkable and left a strong impact on us. Lastly we had off – stage events like drawing and painting, jewellery designing, flower arrangement, Mehendi designing and Teen Chef.

It was altogether a lovely and great week we shall always remember.

Sadhbhavana Diwas 2019

Sadhbhavana diwas or National integration day is celebrated in our country every year on August 20th.

The red house students Syed Umer, Abhimanyu, Rayyan Ahmed, Faiz khan and Raju enacted a skit and showed how national integration can be achieved.

They solemnly pledged to work for the oneness and harmony of everyone. The audience had an insight to the real meaning of universal brotherhood.

Independence Day 2019

Florencians celebrated the 73rd Independence day of our nation with lot of energy and enthusiasm. The celebrations started with our school Chairman Shri F A Kudroli hoisting the national tricolour and took the general salute.

A group of girls performed aerobics in graceful formations and kept the audience enthralled.

The speeches in Hindi and Kannada given by Md. Ilham and Keerthana described our nation's struggle for freedom and subsequent formation of our democracy. They spoke eloquently about our country's progress and her global position in the present day.

The cultural programmes showcased the diverse culture of our country. The students from primary classes danced enthusiastically to the tune of patriotic songs. The audience were especially enraptured with the beautiful sight presented by the dancers carrying balloons in tricolours and the skaters carrying the national flags, skating around the dancers which added to the general effect. The other cultural events included dance numbers to the tune of Kannada and Hindi patriotic songs of yester years which were nostalgic and transported us back to the golden era of beautiful and meaningful lyrics. The choir group presented Bharathiyaru naavu Bharathiyaru in Kannada and Sandese aate hain in Hindi and they set the perfect backdrop to our celebrations.

Investiture Ceremony

The investiture ceremony for the academic session 2019 - 20 was organised in our school premises for the leaders to take charge formally. They were pinned with the badges by our school Chairman Shri F A Kudroli, which was a much awaited function. The leaders, the various members of the four houses received their badges with great enthusiasm and promised to uphold the spirit of unity, honesty, equality, impartiality, morality in all their activities. They pledged to carry out their duties with sincerity while keeping in mind the values they have been taught by their teachers.

The Secretary Students' Council Mohd. Ilham and Mythri spoke passionately about their thirteen years in the school. They were thankful to all their teachers from the kindergarten to Grade tenth for what they are today. They spoke with confidence, ready to take up any challenge, when they graduate from school. Rhea, Avishka Pereira the Interact Secretary, elaborated about the importance of students participation in interact activities even from their school days and which will actually help them in their all-round development.

Chairman Shri F A. Kudroli congratulated the leaders and advised them to be disciplined and stay focused. He stressed at the importance of being disciplined to achieve success at any level. He also praised their confidence, their body language and their fluency in their speeches and promised to interact with them.

The lively song rendered with obvious enjoyment added flavour to the programme "Enjoy your life".

It was a memorable afternoon. The cabinet members and the house captains had a great time and will definitely cherish the memories for a long time.

Annual Day Celebration

We, at Florence Public school, celebrated our 33rd annual day with lot of enthusiasm. The day began as usual with an invocation song dedicated to the Goddess of learning. Shri H. B. Mohan Kumar Education Officer from the State Education department graced the occasion and gave away the prizes to the students for Academic Excellence and to the students who have excelled in various sports and reached great heights at state, national and International levels. The school toppers and subject toppers of the Board Examination for the Academic year 2017 - 18 were felicitated. Our chairman Shri. F A Kudroli honoured teachers and the support staff for their loyal service for 10,15,20,25 & 30 years.

Shri. H. B.Mohan Kumar, in his speech acknowledged the giant strides made by our school and also praised the management for being a parent friendly institution. He gave the credit to the teachers for their dedication in achieving 100 percent result year after. He applauded the efforts of the management in achieving the right balance between academics, extracurricular activities and co - curricular activities.

The cultural programmes in Kannada, Hindi and English were a mix of both traditional and modern, giving equal weightage to the students and parents who were part of the audience. The English skit depicting the difficulties faced by villagers during their visits to the city had the audience in laughter, while the mythological skit in Kannada showing the strength of Parasurama in the face of adversity made them admire the flawless dialogue delivery of the students. The Hindi skit was thought provoking, dealing with human emotions . The dances paying tribute to father was apt.

Hindi retro songs, Kannada retro remix, Hindi fast favourites, and last but not the least the tribute to actress Sridevi, all added to the flavour which was essentially indian. The contemporary dance depicting women empowerment took the audience to a thoughtful phase, the style act showcasing various Indian sports and their respective gears turned out to be the show stopper. The live orchestra with a mix of both Kannada and Hindi retro songs provided a nostalgic experience and the students' dedication to their beloved chairman was a runaway hit. A memorable and a lively evening for everyone associated with it.

Science Seminar [Talents Week]

Science Seminar, an event open to only to the outgoing students of 10th standard was held as part of the ongoing talents week celebrations in our school. The students had to prepare a power point presentation of 4mins on any given topic. The topics included many current issues like biometrics, optic fibres, benefits of the super food - spirulina, salmonella contamination, dark energy, night vision technology, DNA fingerprinting, Boron chemistry and its applications etc. The students presented the seminar displaying a wide knowledge of the subject, answering the questions posed by the judge with confidence. The judge was surprised to see the students talk about issues like optic fibres communication, Dark energy, night vision technology, spirulina and the likes of which has gained global importance only recently.

Olivia Debroy was awarded the first prize with her presentation on Biometrics. Karthikeyan got second place and Sharan got third place.

Dramtics [Talents Week]

An inter house comical dramatics competition was organised for the students during the talents week competition. The maximum number of students allowed were ten for ten minutes. The script writers, directors and actors were students.

All the four houses came up with new ideas and the audience had a rollicking time. Each drama surpassed the other in its creativity and humour and the characters acted very naturally. The yellow house, with their drama about the experiences of two innocent villagers visiting the city for the first time, providing uninhibited, nonstop comedy and entertainment was adjudged the winners of the event.

General Quiz [Talents Week]

An inter house quiz competition was conducted in our school as part of the ongoing talents week celebrations.

Each house was represented by three members, one each from 8th, 9th, and 10th standard. They were selected on the basis of a tough preliminary round, and as such each team was represented by the best.

The teams had to face six rounds including audio & visual, history & culture, science & technology, current affairs and last but not the least, sports. They had negative marking also which just increased the competitiveness and the teams went neck to neck at the end of each round.

But finally the green house students Karthikeyan, Abhay Katti and Srujan from 10th, 9th and 8th respectively held their ground to win the quiz. The red house team of Maazulla, Nitish and Ujwal ended up as runners up.

Teachers Day

Come September, teachers gear up for their day. The day is full of expectations, an excuse to get dressed and look their best. It's literally a teachers day out.

At Florence High School, we teachers were treated to a day to remember by the students. The students had arranged couple of games which flummoxed us and kept us on our toes. The mental games had us at our wits end to keep up with the pace of the students' thinking. We were also entertained to a fusion dance and couple of songs which was well choreographed. A wristwatch for all the teachers was a well thought out gift. The teachers enjoyed the memorable day which was organised exclusively for them by the students. For a change the teachers could only stand and admire the dexterity of the students in organising an event without anybody's help.

Independence Day

The 72nd Independence Day of our country was celebrated with patriotic fervour in our school. The students participated in March past, drill and all the cultural programmes with great enthusiasm notwithstanding the wet weather.

The school premises was decorated with tricolour flags and the whole place buzzed with activity.

The celebrations were kick-started with the school Chairman Shri F A Kudroli hoisting the national tricolour and accepting the Guard of Honour and the general salute. The passionate speeches in Hindi and Kannada about our freedom struggle evoked suitable response from the audience.

The boys joined together and presented drill formations with hooves. The fusion dance to the tune of Kannada songs was well choreographed and presented by the boys. The two dances to patriotic numbers in Hindi had the audience joining in with echoes of Bharat mata ki jai. The bhangra dance with its quick beats and fast steps was an excellent match to the patriotic number. Song in kannada sung in perfect rhythm and coordination had everyone humming along. The Hindi number Mama Tujhe Salaam replicated in the same style as the original provided a perfect conclusion to the memorable program.

National Flag Adoption Day

A national flag is a symbol of a free country. Our country achieved independence after a long struggle with many people laying down their lives for the sake of their motherland.

The story of the evolution of our national flag, which is said to have been first hoisted on August 7th,1906 in Calcutta, to its present tricolour form adopted on 22nd July, 1947 by our Constituent Assembly, is equally fascinating.

The green house students Ardra and Shubrata presented the biography of our tricolour through a dance sequence. They depicted the amazing journey with Shivani giving an apt and thorough description of each and every part of it. The audience followed the sequence in rapt attention with patriotic fervour.

Doctors Day

Doctor’s Day is observed across the world on July 1st. A doctor’s profession is perhaps the most noblest profession of all as doctors are akin to God who help to save lives. People go to them in illnesses, trusting them with their life to make them better. A doctor’s duty is to see that the trust is not misplaced. No doubt becoming a doctor is very difficult and costly and it goes on for many years. But a doctor should not buckle under pressure and try to fleece his patients by making them undergo unnecessary tests and creating a panic in his patient.

The Cabinet team of X standard enacted a skit to show how a doctor should be notwithstanding the pressure of targets from various corners. His dedication, commitment, involvement with his patients and above all basic humanity is the need of the hour in all doctors. If all doctors follow these dictoms, no patient ever need to be afraid to go to them when they are having trouble nor will they find all their life savings going down the drain. It’s time a sea of change occurs in the medical profession and the students promised to see that such a change will occur.

World Population Day

July 11th is dedicated to the people across the world to bring back the focus on the world population, the problems related to it, the awareness created to restrict it's phenomenal growth in the developing countries and it's optimal utilisation.

In the special Assembly dedicated to the WORLD POPULATION DAY, Keerthana Vice Captain of the blue house team, had the audience glued to her as she explained the detrimental effect of the rising global population in her TED Talk.

The main concern for worry in the developing countries is of course lack of space which is directly affecting our environment leading to depletion of natural resources, pollution, epidemics to name a few.

She also gave an insight into the slow progress made by the developing countries due to the lack of education among the poor.

To conclude, she enumerated the various measures that can be undertaken by the students at their level to create awareness among poor and also stressed on the need for them to be educated which is of utmost importance.

Investiture Ceremony

The student leaders of our school cabinet team for the current academic session were inducted in a memorable ceremony by our chairman sir Shri F A Kudroli, who awarded the badges to the enterprising leaders and the house captains.

The programme started off with an invocation song by our choir group dedicated to seek His grace and His blessings. The excited leaders, sporting their new shiny badges and sashes vowed to shoulder the responsibilities and carry out their duties impartially.

Few leaders shared their thoughts on various topics. Tanseer, the School Captain spoke about his dream school and his happiness in being part of one.

Mishal, the Interact Director enumerated the many number of Community Service projects which he wanted to carry out with his team members in this year. Adil., the Cultural Captain spoke about the importance of working smart in this present day world as opposed to working hard. Md. Kaif, the Secretary Student Council elaborated about humanity and it's relevance in today's competitive, techno world Harini and Aasiya lightened the mood with their melodious rendition of Ajeeb dastan hai........

Our Chairman Sir, Shri F A Kudroli advised the students, explained about the importance of communication skills in the context of leadership He was highly impressed with their speeches and congratulated them on their oratory skills.

Ayesha, the Sports Captain while giving the vote of thanks on behalf of all the students, extended her heartfelt gratitude to the School management, principal and all the teachers for the opportunities given and promised to keep up the good work of the seniors and take the School's name to more heights.

World Environment Day

5th June is synonymous with everything connected with environment. The social media abounds with ‘go green’ messages, ‘save our earth’ quotes and people all over the world doing their bit in spreading the awarenss. Enough awareness is being created across the countries, but the question which is very pertinent here is that whether the campaigns, the various initiatives and the so-called green projects really being followed up effectively. The generation next are the ones who have important roles to play in carrying out these types of projects at a larger level. They have the required energy, enthusiasm, determination and commitment to make a difference in this campaign to make our earth a better place to live in. Their involvement is of utmost importance for the future.

This message was brought to the audience loud and clear by the students group of Medha, Farheen, Shubrata, Rania, Manna, Shifa, Screen, Aleena and Sahanya, all from 10th std, presented a small but meaningful skit in the morning Assembly showcasing the importance of planting trees and the ill-effects of deforestation.

The campaign against all the ills that ails the world over does not just begin only on June 5th and end on the same day. It is a day devoted to bring back the people’s focus on the basic priorities.

So let’s get together and begin with our participation to segregate the garbage in our homes.

International Yoga Day

The fourth Edition of the International Yoga Day was observed in our school with great excitement. An interhouse quiz on Yoga was conducted during the Assembly. The students were tested on their knowledge of the various Yoga Asanas and prominent Yoga gurus which they answered enthusiastically.

An Yoga session was held for the students. Professionally trained Yoga Gurus were invited by the school management and they showed the various Asanas to the students and explained the benefits and importance of each asana. They stressed on the role of Yoga in keeping our body pure, fit, free from stress, and explained how to relieve the tension from our mind. They taught the students basic asanas and relaxation techniques. The students responded to the session with full vigour. It was a timely lesson for the students to learn since they are stressed out balancing their studies and other activities. They learnt to keep their mind calm , cool and relaxed which help them perform better.

Graduation Day

The 27th Graduation ceremony for the outgoing X standard students was held amidst lot of expectation and excitement.

'Knowledge is life'- The farewell ceremony carried this theme and the students were given a prelude of what to expect when they step out of their second home. The girls decked up in red and gold coloured sarees looked bright and chirpy and the boys in black and white presented a handsome back drop.

Our Principal Ms.Abida in her short and crisp speech welcomed the gathering and blessed the students. Many students came forward to share their experiences and spoke their heart out. Mayur Sangha spoke about the spontaneous welcome he received in this school when he joined as a new student. Adeeba spoke about her time as a student leader and the lessons she learnt from being a leader. Shreya and Vishwambhari stressed on the invaluable lessons of life skills, soft skills which they have imbibed from the school. They were also sad that the time has come for them to move out of their comfort zone and into the outside world.

Few teachers came forward to speak. They advised the students to utilise the study holidays to the maximum with utmost seriousness and concentration. On behalf of all the other teachers they blessed the students to be successful in not only the Board exams but also in their life.

Chairman Shri F.A. Kudroli in his pearls of wisdom advised the students to follow their teachers diligently and stressed on leading a disciplined life which will help them be successful in their life. Sir gave away awards to the students in the Best outgoing student, most obedient, most punctual , outgoing dancers, singers categories. He also lit the candles of the students symbolising the flame of knowledge being passed on and the students prayed for their success in the board exams.

All were presented with a momento. They had a sumptuous lunch which they enjoyed having with their friends probably for the last time with no holds barred. It was a memorable event for everybody present.


The 32nd Annual Day Celebrations of Florence Public School was held on 1st december 2017 amidst great jubilation and enthusiasm.

The school choir group kick started program with an invocation song dedicated to the Goddess of Learning. The Chief Guest, Shri Hanumanthappa, Retd. Block Education Officer from the DDPI spoke eloquently about our school’s steady climb to become one of the premier institutions of our city and wished us to keep growing from strength to strength. Our Chairman Shri F. A. Kudroli gave away prizes to the academic toppers of the current year, school and subject toppers of last year Board exam in both the stream. The students who represented our country, state and school at international, National, State & District levels were duly recognised and awarded for their achievements. The service of teachers and support staff who have served for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years were appreciated and awarded. Our Principal Ms. Abida read out the school annual report and took great pride in listing out our achievements in academics, extra curricular , co-curricular and sports activities.

The thematic , cultural extravaganza was a blend of traditional and modern showcasing the different dance forms of the major states of India. The breathtaking performances, the colourful costumes, the vibrant music and the variety in presentations kept the audience fully interested and glued to their seats till the last foot tapping western number.The Ramp Walk – the programme’s highlight portraying the corporate style had the audience spell bound at the student’s ability and the confidence to carry it off with elan. The humorous skit in English, the thought-provoking Hindi drama about the importance of father’s role and the mythological drama about Jarasandha’s death from the Mahabharatha epic were enacted well. The action song to the tune of Kannada song Rajkumara was a fitting tribute to our Chairman Shri F.A. Kudroli for his untiring efforts in the field of education. A beautifully organised programme with interesting stop gaps like mimicry, songs in Kannada, Hindi and English with never a dull moment were the memories which everyone in audience will cherish about our 32nd School Annual Day celebrations.

Children's Day

It is often quoted that ‘If you carry your childhood with you, You never become older.’

Life is never dull, boring with a child around and the entire school seems to take a festive atmosphere on November 14th when Children’s day is celebrated across the country. The children decked up in all hues and colours, spread the happiness throughout the school. Nothing could take away the supreme look of confidence, their happiness or their incessant excited chatter. Events like Flower Arrangement & innovative games were organised for the students which every participant enjoyed. All the teachers entertained them with a ramp walk showcasing the attire of different states of our country. The male staff enacted a thought provoking but witty drama for them. The Cabinet team from the 10th standard took the stage and cut the cake on behalf of all the students. The students were given a classic treat with goodies which they loved.

The children had a day to remember, to cherish and to take with them precious memories of their beloved school and their teachers who, notwithstanding their busy schedule with exams, question papers, tests, portions etc, still would come up with some entertainment for them.

Kannada Rajyotsava

Come November, our school’s morning assemblies are conducted with a touch of Kannada – be it pledge , morning news or the special topic, prominence is given to Kannada language, the tradition and culture that is exclusive to our land. Special activities like poem recitation, poetry writing, rendering Bhavageethe, Janapada Geethe, Quiz in Kannada, mimicry etc are conducted for all students. After all, it is in the school that the Kannada language can be promoted in the way it should be and all the students can imbibe our unique tradition and culture regardless of their basic differences in their upbringing.

On the first day of the month, our choir group dedicated the nada geethe – Jaya Bharata jananiya tanujathe to Karnataka Maathe. The final assembly of the month will definitely be eagerly awaited when all the prize winners of all the events will be awarded with a memento.

Talents Week

Lingua Franca

A Quiz conducted exclusively for English. English is a fun language. The language looks so simple yet we find ourselves getting confused. Pronunciation is different and what we write down is sometimes totally different.

Prelims were conducted for all the students and four teams, one from each house , were selected. In the final the students could pick their choice out of ten different headings consisting of prepositions, figure of speech, voices, homonyms, antonyms, words and their meanings etc. One round was held exclusively for the spell check where the students had to spell out ten words in as many seconds. 100 solid points was awarded if all the spellings were correct. The Yellow House team of Saleha, Navya & Shahid emerged the Winners while Bhanavee, Dhruv and Abiram ended up in the runners – up position.

Quizomania – 2017

Quizomania – 2017 – An inter house Quiz contest was conducted in our school last week. Based on a preliminary round three students, one each from eighth, ninth & tenth standard were selected from each house. A lot of students enthusiastically wrote the prelims and the scores were neck to neck. Tie was drawn between some students of the same house.The questions ranged from mythology, culture & Fine Arts, Science & Technology, Sports, Audio & Visual Round & Current Affairs. The rapid fire round threw up some surprises but the Red House team held their ground. The Quiz final was excellently conducted, closely fought and enthusiastically cheered by the active audience. The Red House team of Sai Karthik, Maazulla & Umra Ahmed hit the jackpot with their last round adding up a massive 100 points to their score of 120 points. The Yellow House team of Tarun, Ayesha & Ghanshyam ended up as Runners - up

Teen Chef

An inter house cookery event was held in our school as part of Talents Week Celebrations during the last week of October. The students of 8th, 9th &10th standard were invited to show off their culinary skills along with their creativity in presentation.

Many students eagerly came forward. Three students each from standard 8th, 9th & 10th from each house formed the final team. The eighth standards prepared dishes with base as biscuits while the ninth standards tried their hand with sprouts and the tenth standard students with bread. Altogether, each house presented a balanced, nutritious meal tastefully prepared, beautifully decorated, creatively plated and offered. The surprise was that the boys also showed their skill and dexterity in taking part and winning the event. The Blue House team of Shahbuddin, Manoj Gowda and Bhanavee from 8th; Medha, Rabia & Manna from 9th ; and finally Zaidulla, Yogesh and Zaina were declared the winners of the event.

IT Quiz

It is a well known fact that today’s generation are well versed with everything technology has to offer, the new IT companies and their performance, the various IT products, the new apps, it’s pros and cons etc. The inter house IT Quiz which was held in our school proved this fact beyond doubt. Their grasp of the knowledge is quite total when we could only watch and hear them answering one question after the other without a pause. The questions covered variety of subjects under the IT, like logos, games, the new products, the IT personalities etc. Like every other quiz, there was a preliminary round held for this quiz also and four teams selected. Each team consisted of three members one from each class – 8th, 9th & 10th.


An inter-house drama event was held for the students as part of our school’s talents week celebrations. The theme given was a comedy. The time limit was ten minutes with maximum ten participants. The script was their own. Each of the four houses Red, blue, green and yellow came up with creative scripts which had the audience laughing, enjoying throughout. But the green house’s drama turned out to be a laugh riot throughout the ten minutes. The rib-tickling, tongue-in-cheek answers given by the candidate who had come to attend an interview had the audience at the edge of their seats for the entire time. They were clear winners with their audience-appealing comedy and Prajval was adjudged the best actor.

Quit India Movement

Quit India Movement – a landmark event occupies a special place in the annals of our history of independence. It was the last major movement of our pre-independence in which millions of people participated across the country in response to Mahatma Gandhiji's call Do or die. On the occasion of 75th anniversary of this great movement the Cabinet team of Sharan, Rithesh, Farhan, Abhishek & Sudheeksha showcased in a small play, the events which led to this massive movement. They effectively brought out the last attempt made by the Britishers and the failure of Cripps Mission in resolving the issue of granting dominion status to India.

Independence Day - 2017

The 71st Independence Day was celebrated amidst great jubilation with lots of cheer and happiness, not withstanding the rain which threatened to play spoilsport. But nothing could stop the children's excitement and they put up an excellent show. Our School Chairman Shri F.A.Kudroli took the guard of honour and hoisted the Indian tricolour with great pride. The speeches in Hindi & Kannada by Adeeba and Mayur were a tribute to our forefathers who fought relentlessly to get us our freedom. Karate students displayed their skill and perfection in the execution of the martial arts show. The girls group from the SARS Rally marched and executed precise formations brilliantly . The cultural events included dances in Hindi & Kannada and were a perfect blend of patriotism and our traditional uniqueness. The rendition of patriotic songs in Hindi and Kannada by the choir group was a perfect addition to the small but memorable function.

Senior Citizens Day

Senior citizens - People with vast experience, a storehouse of knowledge about different aspects of life and they are the ones who have undergone the highs and lows of life but still has a heart big enough to care and smile. They deserve to be respected, to be given recognition. They cannot be shunted out to old age homes and cannot be forced to look after their kids against their wishes.

They have every right to lead their own life peacefully in whatever way they want. It is to bring focus and create awareness about the problem they face in their sunset years, that a day has been marked – 21st August in the calendar. The Yellow House students Ranvir, Chiraag, Chandan, Navya, Neha, Sai Bhavesh brought forth the importance of their role in our lives and our responsibility in their well being.

Road Safety

Road Safety is of paramount importance and the traffic rules and regulations need to be followed diligently by every person on the road. It will ease the way for everyone to reach their destination safely and punctually. The do’s and don’ts of the traffic has to be instilled from the time children learn to use the road independently. To create this awareness a workshop was conducted in our school. The District Commissioner of Police, Traffic – North Ms. Sara Fathima and her team addressed the students . She gave valuable advice about road usage, importance of wearing helmets and seat belts. She explained about the disastrous effects of wheeling and driving without license. She encouraged them to leave their home early so as to reach their school early and take help to cross the road. The workshop was well received by the students and the Secretary Student Council Adeeba delivered the vote of thanks.

Friendship Day - 2017

'Friendship is a ship which never sinks.'
'A friend in need is a friend indeed.'
'Don't judge a book by its cover.'
Friendship is a lifelong relationship which one has full right to choose by oneself. One cannot choose parents, brothers, sisters and other kith and kin. So choose wisely and you are the most blessed person. These are but some of the home truths which were conveyed by the Green house students consisting of Karthikeyan, Supreeth , Hema, Khizar and Prajwal when they enacted a poignant play in the assembly on the occasion of friendship day.

Doctors Day - 2017

"It takes hours beyond measure , Personal sacrifice beyond compare, And a lifetime of hard work To become a doctor".

"Medicines can cure But a good doctor's Inspirational words can give".

Doctors are akin to God. To honour Dr. B.C. Roy one of our country’s greatest doctor, our government declared 1st July which happens to be his birthday. The Red House students consisting of Saikarthik, Saudha, Sanjana, Mohith, Olivia & Daivik enacted a skit in the morning assembly to show the importance of a doctor to mankind.

Investiture Ceremony - 2017

The 32nd Investiture Ceremony of our school was organised during this week. In a short and memorable ceremony the new batch of Leaders and House Captains received their badges from our Chairman Shri F. A. Kudroli with lot of pride. They took oath and pledged to serve the school with sincerity and loyalty and also excel in academics within the frame work of school’s rules and regulations. The new leaders gave speeches, accepting their portfolios. The Secretary Student Council Adeeba spoke on humanity and it’s importance amongst the present generation. She also listed out how they can reach out to others in small yet meaningful ways. School Captain Farhan spoke on his dreams about his school and he was emphatic that he was studying in his dream school only. The Interact President Chethan elaborated on his ideas about the social awareness projects which he intends to carry out this year. The Cultural Secretary Sudheeksha enlivened the programme with a melodious song.

Chairman Sir Shri F A Kudroli generally advised the leaders about how they should carry out their duties with responsibility. He also emphasized on how important it is not to hurt others even if it is not possible to help them. The student leaders lapped up the advice eagerly. The short ceremony ended with a vote of thanks being rendered by the Secretary Student Council, Mayur Sangha . He promised to uphold the values taught to him and assured everyone present that , with the help of his team members he will keep the school flag flying high.

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