Parents Opinion

Parents expressing their gratitude and respect towards Florence for helping their children to become toppers.

My son Sadan Sameer Patel has completed his 10th standard ICSE from your school in May – 2019. I must say I have taken a right decision to choose Florence Public School from my son.

All your teachers and non – teaching staff are very dedicated to the school and to the children. Their support is really appreciative. Especially I want to highlight these one.

  • Taking extra care for "Non- High Achiever" students. Because some similar schools pay attention only to "High Achiever" students, so that their schools get better recognition in the market. But your school takes care of all the students.
  • Teachers have supported students even during odd hours(after school timings)for exam preparation or for clarifying the doubts via whatsapp mode.
  • Teachers circulated additional hand prepared study material before the exams, for the extra boost to the students.
  • Teachers have taken extra efforts before the exam for each students preparation. Not only this, teachers were encouraging to take their support during the holidays between two final exam papers. I have seen students getting huge benefit with such extra steps from the teachers.
  • Teachers have been very careful and were providing guidance based on individual student’s needs. Each student was motivated to approach the teachers for any kind of support needed .
  • Starting the 10th study from Jan - 2018 itself was a every good step from you .
  • Conducting preparatory final exams has really helped all the students. I must say, with all these measures from your team, my kid was able to score at least 10 – 15% more marks than what we had expected in the final exams. I would like to especially appreciate your efforts to tackle the tough situations during final exams. You being the principal have handled all the anxiety created by parents during the final exams. Especially when many parents approached you due to some misunderstanding and you were able to convince the parents very nicely and have handled the situation very well. Once again I would like to thank you and your entire team of teaching and non- teaching staff.
Sameer D Patel Father of Saadan Patel X ICSE [2018 -1 9 ]

It is with immense pleasure, that we convey our heartful and thankfulness and gratitude to the School Management and teachers for a wonderful experience and journey for seven years in your school by son Sahil Ahmed Ejaz Ahmed.

We moved from UAE to India with a neat hope in education system seven years ago. It turned to be very fruitful and happiness as our son had scored very high marks as expected from the school.

We like to thank Ms. Abida Begum for her confidence and support on our son for his very high marks and the final exams. We also thank his teachers, who had supported him during his education along all these years.

We like also to thank the Chair man and School Management, the support staff and transport staff for a genuine support.

We wish the school a very Good Luck! for their future

Ejaz Ahmed Father of Sahil Ahmed Ejaz Ahmed X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

We parent of Niraj R, would like to thank the school principal, all the teachers and staff for all the care and patience they have shown towards our son who has achieved good marks (90% ) in ICSE 2019 exams.

The method of teaching given to the students from 8th std to std X from writing the notes and preparing on their own made them perfect for the X std class. This high level of teaching, support and motivation has been provided by all the teachers.

Thank you for giving our son a memorable first step towards college.

Rajesh G Father of Niraj R X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

As a parent, I can tell it is the best school and best teachers you will ever find. It beat all my expectations. They strike a good balance between academics and extra curricular activities.

My daughter had passed her 10th standard with 94.60% in the academic year 2018 – 19 without any outside tuitions.

I am impressed when I interact with principal and simplicity of management.

The Principal is accessible, caring and committed to the students.

Good school. It will return your child into disciplined individual .

Babitha X ICES [ 2018 – 19 ]

As my son passed 10th std in this school am very thankful to the Principal and teachers as they all are very supportive and motivating and am satisfied with the education system also.

Shafiya Mother of Rayan Mohiuddin X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

The school has provided very excellent studying facilities for student. All the teacher have co- operated and given a good guidance to the student for the career growth.

Hanumanth Devareddy Father of Shraddha H D X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

My daughter was a student in another school till 8th std. As I was not happy with her performance, I shifted her to Florence Public School from IX std.

Initially she took time to cope up with the studies. Later with support of teachers she gradually improved and scored good marks in X std. She scored about 81.5% in X std. I am very happy with her improvement and performance. Thanks to teacher for their continued support.

Syed Jaffer Father of Iffath Ayesha X ICSE –[ 2018 – 19 ]

I Sreeja Sridhar, teacher by profession had admitted my son Rohan to Florence Public School, The experience that we had with this school was excellent.

My heart full gratitude to the Principal and the teaching staff for giving my son a wonderful great start of his life at Florence. He did progressed well. He always felt welcomed and part of the class from day one. The achievement that he is honoured today (class 10 ) is the effort of the school teacher.

Thank you all for your guidance and support. Best of luck and 3 cheers to Florence Public School.

Sreeja Sridhar Mother of Rohan X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Both my kids studied in Florence Public School which has provided a great foundation for my children. My son Dr. Arjun Keshav scored 93% ICSE in 2012 from Florence Public School and is now a doctor. My daughter Apoorva Keshav scored 97% this year.

I am very thankful to Miss Abida and her team for making my kids realise their potential and achieve their dreams.

Vani K R Parent of Dr. Arjun C M.B.B.S Apoorva C [ P.U.C, MCC College ]

My daughter Navya S G completed 10th standard ICSE in your school with good percentage of marks. Teachers and staff are friendly and co–operative.

There was encouragement for extra curricular activities as well. School environment was good for the students and teachers are very supportive for the students.

I would like to thank Management, staff and teachers of Florence Public School.

Father of Navya S G Guruprasad R S

My son Ali Meezan studied in your school and got 81.04% in SSLC Board Exam.

As a parent I would like to appreciate to school managements and curriculum of school and they conduct test system keeping students in very tight study system. Its very much well thought.

I have selected very good school to study my son here. Thanks once again and wonderful school

Tinku Ali Mohtasham Father of Ali Meezan X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

My daughter Hanfaa Khanum studied in your esteem school from Pre – I to X std . My daughter scored well in X std her percentage is about 89.6% .

The school has inculcated her a good character and faculty is very good. I thank you for providing a good learning environment.

I have selected very good school to study my son here. Thanks once again and wonderful school

Muzammil Ulla Father of Hanfaa khanum X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

My daughter Harini H who studied in Florence Public School from Prep – I till X std has just completed her studies successfully.

The coaching, guideless and encouragement given by the teachers and staff of Florence Public School has been excellent and I am sure the knowledge she gained will help through out in the life of my daughter.

I take this opportunity to provide the feed back and a big thanks to the teachers, management and staff of Florence Public School.

Jagan Mohan Father of Harini H X ICSE [ 2018 -19 ]

I am very happy to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the teachers who taught my son Khizar and the strict discipline by respected Principal ma'am, without which he would not cleared his exam.

I give all credit to the teachers who took pain to teach him and monitor him till the end.

I thank all the staff of Florence Public School and wish good luck and may they grow and bring out valuable citizens for the country.

Mother of Khizar Ahmed P X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Thank you note for helping my daughter

Dear madam, I am father of Vaidehi Aditi [ X A3 ]. I am writing this note to you to express my gratitude when my daughter was in IX class she was going through some troubles with other students and she was in depression wanted to change the school. It was difficult times for her and the family.

I am really happy and thankful to you and your school. This incident definitely will be in our heart. I am sure many families will be happy with the school and the kind of support and help provided.

Finally me and my family wanted to appreciate your kindness towards my daughter. We wish Florence School should reach /cross many milestones and accomplish great things. Best wishes to the school.

aidehi Adhi Ramesh Adhi [father] and Shyamala Adhi [mother]

My daughter Huda Javeed stepped into this prestigious institution from 7th std and it was a great experience of four years in this school and now she is out of the is school with 88% marks in ICSE board. This couldn’t have happened without the high level teaching of the faculty and support of the management.

I am happy that I sent my daughter to Florence Public School. Even though she did not attend any tuition or coaching center, she scored good marks because the faculty had given then repeated test which were difficult and tricky and moreover they did the corrections also strictly due to which the students felt the board exams easy and scored good marks. Huda wrote the exams fearlessly and confidently because the teachers had moulded her into a confident personality.

No 'one' can whistle a symphony, it takes an ‘Orchestra’ to play it. It is not only due to my daughter’s hard work but also the hard work of this institution which produces 100% result every year. In this institution it is usually noticed that the students score 10 % to 20% more in board exams than they score in 8th unit test and pre – finals. I would love to recommend Florence Public School to all my relatives and friends.

Last but not the leaest I would like to thank all the teachers and especially principal Ma’am Ms ABIDA BEGUM for her untiring support and care. The best institution and very true of its motto “Offer equal opportunities to all, so that they can rise to their fullest potential”.

Sameena Nausheen Mother of Huda Javeed X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I am very pleased to write this thank note to the Florence Public School, R.T. Nagar as my daughter secured 94.4 % in her 10th grade [ ICSE ]. She achieved this great victory without any extra tuition support.

School teachers trained my daughter properly to attend the examinations with out any fear or confusion. I believe that, the basics they laid in her studies will help her in future studies too.

Thanks once again to the Principal Ma’am and teaching and non – teaching staffs of Florence Public School, R.T. Nagar

Ajayan K Father of Ardra Ajayan .P X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

We would like to thank you ( Principal Ma’am ) for the support and guidance given to my son Syed Fuzail studied in your school and completed his 10th [ X A3 ] with 82%.

We Appreciate all the efforts of the teachers and guidance of the Principal in making easier for our sons success.

Aiyesha Syed Mother of Syed Fuzail X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I am P Anitha, mother of Sai Bhavesh. My son studied in Florence Public School from Prep – I to X ICSE.

Every year he improved a lot . Excellent teaching and very dedicated teachers. In X std they conducted classes at 7 .30 A.M to 4.30 P.M. In this valuable time, he classified doubts. We are lucky that my son studied in this school.

P Anitha Mother of Sai bhavesh X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

My daughter Neha Gupta has been a part of this prestigious institution for about ten years. This institution has nourished her and has helped her to become the individual she is today.

I would whole heartedly like to thank the school Principal Abida Begum for her immense contribution in keeping the school disciplined and inculcating values in students. I am extremely grateful to her for making the school like a second home for all the students and for balancing the extra curricular activities and studies so well.

I would like to thank all the teachers especially who all taught in X std, for their dedication and their seamless efforts, they have put in for all the students. Also for the guidance and moral support they have given to each and every student individually.

Puja Gupta Mother of Neha Gupta X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I joined my child in U.K.G in Florence Public School when we shifted from Chennai to Bangalore. From day 1 till date I have never had any issues. The School takes care of the children in such a way that they are trained overall.

This school ensures that the pupils are well behaved. Periodic Tests, continuous monitoring by Principal and teachers helped my child to score well. We are so pleased and felt secured when my child was under Florence.

Management, Teachers are so co operative. Special mention to the Chemistry sir who guided the children through wahtsapp also.

Thanks a lot team Florence

Mother of V.K.Tharunya Hemamalini X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Very Positive. Florence Public School has been a great place for my children.

It has a great education system. My daughter Refa Nausheen has studied in this school during the last year and has passed 10 standard with a good percentage.

She has scored 92.6% without extra coaching. from a tuition.

This school has great experienced teachers. There is a good coordination among students , teachers and management.

Parent of Refa Nausheen X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

My daughter Shubrata S A has been in this school from Prep – I (LKG). I didn’t realized how so soon 12 years passed away.

Not only in studies, school always encouraged children to participate in other activities, competitive exams, different cultural programs and competitions.

This helped my daughter to be studious and also enhanced her talents in all the aspects.

I am overwhelmed to see my daughter come out with flying colours.

Shubrata S A Shashidhar Akki [ father ] Shubha A H [ mother ]

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