To uphold the Florence commitment we have clubs which enhance and sharpen our student’s skills in various fields. The clubs like English, Kannada and Hindi improve their language skills. Science club inculcates their scientific temper. Humanities club improves their social skills. Maths and IT club enhances their critical thinking. Music, Dance, Arts and sports club increase the level of concentration. After all it is said that it is not just studies which helps the students go a long way in his life but his skills help him earn his livelihood.

Interact Club

The 23rd installation ceremony of our school Interact club was held during last week. The members of the club were inducted by the President, Mr. Basavaraju Banakar, Rotary International Dist. 3190. Mayur Sangha, the Secretary Student Council spoke about the various projects which they had already done and the projects which they intend to carry out during this academic year. The first project which they had done this year was for the environment. They participated enthusiastically in the Go Green - Hebbal Rally which was organised by the Hebbal Corporator. They walked around carrying placards about protecting our Mother Earth, with slogans and generally creating awareness among the general public. The next project was the trip to Alamba Charitable Trust. The students had mobilised the collection of scrap materials which was required by the Trust. They also collected some clothes which could be reused by the inmates and donated to the Trust.

Other projects he mentioned were the ones that had to be taken up during this year. One was about creating awareness about cleanliness, garbage segregation of dry and wet waste among students.

The next, was to create awareness among students to celebrate their birthdays in more meaningful ways like donating things which are of no use to them to students who need them. One more was to create a pool with the used stationary, old notes, question banks, text books at the end of each academic year and donate these books to Government school students who cannot afford to buy them.

Report on Trip to Alamba Charitable Trust

Selfless Service is supreme. At Florence Public School, our students are taught this from day one and they participate in various science projects right from the beginning. As such our first project for this Academic year was a trip to Alamba Charitable Trust, Hennur. This trust has been set up to give the basic training to the differently abled persons. The inmates are given moral support till they find employment and can fend for themselves. A noble cause, which requires a lot of help from the society and the people in terms of volunteers , money etc.

Our students of interact club had a very illuminating experience meeting the people. They interacted with the members and learnt about the harsh realities of life. They learnt an important lesson for lifetime that of being happy and contented with what we are and what we have and not to hanker after dreams which do not materialize. The President, Mr. Basavaraju Banakar commended the students on their involvement in this work and also the variety in their projects which are being initiated. The short and meaningful ceremony ended with Chethan, the newly elected President of the club delivering the vote of thanks.

Hiking Club

India Hikes is India’s largest trekking organisation. It was founded by people who love nature  and want to be one with nature. Having founded in 2009, Sandhya & Arjun  have organized many treks and have introduced more than 10 of  the greatest Himalayan treks in India.

Now they are in the process of  motivating students to join hiking clubs and learn to love nature. Tap them young and this way our beautiful nature will be preserved for generations to come. Because not only they are into organising  treks,  they are also dedicated to improve the scenario in  the mountains, solving problems and making those trails more well known.

Our school was the first one to introduce this hiking club throughout India to students. We had a small function to inaugurate the first ever hiking club for students which was powered by India Hikes. The students got first hand experience of  how to pitch up a tent. The students came up in large numbers to join  the club and enthusiastically participated and interacted with the members of the Hiking club. Vishnu R of  X and Mohammed Kareem of IX were nominated as President & Secretary of the Hiking Club

Report On 21st Installation Ceremony

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Safe Club

Student Association for the fire safety

This club creates an awareness among students not to panic during outbreak of fire. It teaches one to maintain their cool and manage to put off fire with the help of extinguisher.

Quiz Club

Quizzing is an art and it is one of the best stress - buster that boosts the energy of learners who have a thirst for knowledge. Quiz club works every week wherein the club members are trained in quizzing on various topics and they get updated in general knowledge.

Music Club

This club caters to the needs of those who love to have soothing music to refresh their tiring souls. Every week the club members get to sing the song of their choice as well as get to train in singing songs with proper intonation, pronounciation and rhythm. Generally children love this club which make them get away from their routine hours of work and pressure. Definitely it is one of the great stress buster.

Dance Club

This club focuses on training children on the various forms and styles of dancing by a professional choreographer who make the members learn all the intricate technicalities and skill of dancing and moving the steps in accordance with the music played. The selected students are sent to participate in various inter school competitions. This club make children to forget themselves and burn their calories and make them fit.

Book Club

This club is exclusively meant for those who have a passion for reading and a flair for the language. The members of this club make it a habit to read the journals and the books which hit the stand ( new arrivals). After reading it they in turn give a review in the morning assembly as well as to the newspaper. The basic idea of this club is to make reading habit a must among other students also. This club is the feast to the eyes of those who love reading.

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