Human Resources

Florence is truly blessed and proud to have the invaluable teaching staff and their teaching expertise which they share it with the children. We have 85 teachers serving for 10 years, 55 teachers for 15 years, 27 teachers for 20 years and 11 teachers for 25 years.

We also have 18 ayahs who have completed 10 years. 20 ayahs completing 15 years, 5 ayahs who have completed 25 years, and we have one driver who has completed 10 years, 1 driver completing 15 years and 1 office Assistant completing 20 years.

Senior teachers and the co-ordinators along with the Principal and the management welcome the new recruits with warmth and a smile. Their constant support and guidance make the new faculty members feel at ease to be under the flag of Florence as one family with one common goal of excellence which gets finely tuned through regular seminars , workshops and counseling sessions. New technological updates and methodologies to tap the smart and young children make the teaching staff abreast of expanding their knowledge.

Apart from them we have well trained and efficient non teaching staff who carry on their allotted work with enthusiasm and zeal to make Florence a unique and different school in the vicinity. Love and care, humility and simplicity, honesty and hard work is found in plenty among the non teaching staff also. This is possible because few of the female attendants are with us since its inception. Those senior attendants are entrusted with the responsibility of supervising and monitoring the other members who are new and maintains the experienced ones.

Our school security guards also leave no stone unturned when it comes to their service keeping in mind "Safety of each and every single child" from the time of their entry to the school and their exit.

We at school also help the children develop a friendly and good rapport with their parents, teachers and also their friends. Our teachers help the children to overcome peer and parental pressure which help them to develop psychological adjustment.

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