Morning Assembly

"World Environment Day"

The World Environment Day was celebrated on the 5th of June by our school children. Our school cabinet members created an awareness among all the children by conducting a special assembly. In which they enacted a skit. An informative speech which enlightened the children about the importance of the day was given. The speech included the various methods of safeguarding their environment. The students also undertook a signature campaign. Insisting on saving single droplets of water from getting wasted. Since each drop makes an ocean. Our children made it very clear not to waste water. But to save it.

"Quit India Movement"
"Prayer is conversation with God."

The first step for a child to enter the school premises is to come with a smile. The day starts with unique and different assembly in the morning ushering in the value of discipline to maintain the decorum of punctuality, cleanliness and smartness. School prayer with different community song, everyday news, pledge, special talk on various topics form a part of everyday assembly. Leaders help the teachers in checking out the uniforms, nails, haircut etc. for a well groomed look . Late comers are also being monitored.

Special assemblies are held to commemorate Hindi Divas, Kannada Rajyotsava day, Patriotism over flows during the month of August. Different days are allotted for four houses and are given the freedom to hold special assembly with a theme wherein the students work out ideas collectively and see to it that their house emerge victorious.

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