Student's Opinion

The students of Florence come from diverse cultural background. They learn to be happy in school and learn the social skills. This fosters the spirit of brotherhood. They learn values like honesty, helpfulness, humility, tolerance and hard work.

Students expressed their views about their school when they secured high marks in the Board Examination 2016-2017.


I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the members of the school, respected Chairman Sir, Shri. F. A. Kudroli, dear Principal Mam, Ms. Abida Begum, all my lovely teachers and all the support staff. Florence has always been an institution that encourages the students to follow their dreams and to go on the right path. The institution has taught me discipline, integrity and good moral values and some great lessons for lifetime. This institution has played a very important role for shaping my life into a beautiful one, it has been one of the strong pillars of my life. The faith and belief that Principal madam showed towards me was one of my strongest inspirations to score a very good percentage in my 10th standard ICSE board exams. I would like to heartily thank all my teachers for clearing all my doubts no matter how busy their schedule was. The support and encouragement I received from the teachers is priceless. The teachers of this institution are very dedicated and always ensure the well – being of the students. The teaching is fabulous as the teachers covered a vast amount of information which was out of the syllabus during explanations and have increased our knowledge on those topics and subjects. The institution has provided me a lot during the 10 years I spent in the institution.

Today I stand out from among thousands of students by scoring 95.5% percentage in my board exams. This was possible not only by my hard work but also because of the constant encouragement I received from my parents. My success was possible to a major extent because of the effective teaching provided by the teachers and clarifying all my doubts and also due to the important points provided by the teachers for every topic. I did not attend any tuitions as I have always found the teaching very effective and I have worked hard for my exams.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Chairman Sir, Principal Madam, Sardar Baig Sir, all my teachers and the non – teaching staff for supporting me at all times. I would also like to thank my parents for always encouraging me and also for never pressurizing me for anything. I am also grateful towards my friends for giving me some best memories to be cherished.

In conclusion, I would like to thank each and every person who ever played a role in my life.

NEHA BHAT (X ICSE, 2016 - 17 Batch)

It is a very good institution with excellent teaching and non – teaching staff. The school management is good and cooperative. Discipline is maintained well. Equal importance is given to studies and extra curricular activities. The laboratories are well equipped. The teachers provide any help required to the student without any hesitation. Overall this school is a very good place for the development of a student.


School is where a child is build fundamentally & Florence Public School excelled in fulfilling this purpose.

It was the great platform for overall development for students. It’s various cultural and sports programmes provides impetus to the student’s talents. It gives great opportunities to students and induces in them a strong social values and sense of humanity. It does a great job balancing extracurricular activities and academics.

The warmth and comfort which the teachers generously give away, makes Florence Public School very special.


I take a moment to think, about all our childhood memories since years ago. It makes me smile from within. Twelve years of my school life was so wonderful in Florence Public School. The three years of high school are like the pearls embedded on the golden page of my life.

When it comes to my school, I have a lot to say about it. The fun we had is unforgettable. My school has always taught me to be disciplined and well mannered. I still remember how our teachers always kept an eye on our dressing !

Moreover, they have always supported me in displaying my talent and building up my confidence. There had always been a fine balance between studies and co-curricular activities. We were never deprived of holidays and I never felt studies as a burden. I had never gone to tuitions and the credit of my marks in ‘10th ICSE boards’ goes to the excellent coaching and training provided by the whole 10th staff of Florence Public School. I am truly thankful to all the teachers who have really worked hard for us.

I don’t think it is worth to search for the negative points of my school because it is completely marked by its good qualities. I firstly thank our Chairman, for setting up such a wonderful institution. I am also thankful to my Principal, teachers, classmates and parents for making my school life truly memorable.

I shall always be proud of my school !

DHRITHI PAI (X ICSE, 2016 - 17 Batch)

Bhuvan says : “ Teachers are good and very supportive. They constantly encouraged to get better marks. Thanks to the Principal, I was able to participate in few interschool competitions. I am going to miss this school.”

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Chairman Kudroli Sir, head mistress Ms. Abida Begum mam, Sardar Baig Sir and all other teaching staff for rendering a strong support to build my career in future. I would also express my thanks to all my dear friends for giving a best cherishing moments filled with fun, a lot of enjoyment, little naughtiness and also their help in studies.

My school days would always be remembered as a beautiful portrait filled with many colors.

BHUVAN HAWARGI (X ICSE, 2016 - 17 Batch)

I started my career in Florence Public School in 2003, when my parents admitted me in pre-nursery in 2003. I was told by my parents after some time I grew, that Florence Public School is the right place to start someone’s career, considering the fact that it imparts not only quality education, but also imbibes discipline, and sow the seeds of culture and patronises national integrity, amongst children, who study here. The reputation it has gained over the years in Bangalore, which I myself observed during my tenure as a student of this institution signifies these facts, which my parents had always opined time and again. I have lots of relatives and family friends who had begun their career in this prestigious institution and who have well settled in their lives with dignity and honours, which only re-confirms and re-assure my thoughts of this institution which my parents had always aspired.

The teachers of this institution are very dedicated and always ensure to put all out efforts to bring out the best amongst the students fraternity. They have always encouraged students to excel well , be it in academics, sports, cultural activities etc. The institution has always been consistently focusing on maintaining discipline, ethics, integrity, moral values which I feel are the most important components in life. These facts can be attributed to the fact that I have been a successful student of this institution be it in sports, cultural activities, academics etc.

All the credit goes to the captain and principal of the institution Ms. Abida who has been instrumental to successfully run this institution. Her dedicated and selfless service to the institution in bringing out the best amongst the teacher’s and student’s fraternity needs no emphasisation, which is evident from the outcome of the results with each passing year, be it in academics, sports, cultural activities etc.

My sincere and heartful wishes and credit also goes to the Chairman of the institution for his un-tiring efforts to build a strong reputation of Florence. His self less, relentless and sustained efforts have always ensured that this institution maintained its momentum , to be one of the reputed institutions in Bangalore, be it in academics, sports, cultural activities maintaining discipline, ethics, integrity etc.

The principal and the teachers of the institution had put in their best foot forward to train and motivate the students to come out with flying colors in the X Std. ICSE examinations. They never gave room for the students nor encouraged them to go for private tuition classes nor did the students resort to go to private tuition classes, reposing lot of faith on their teachers. This was very evident in the 2016 ICSE X std results, where the percentage of pass was 99.99%, with most of the students passed with distinction. It may not be out of place to mention here that it was a proud moment for me as my name was displayed on the Notice Board of the institution as one of the 20 top achievers of this prestigious institution in ICSE 2016 X std exams.

I leave a lot of sweet memories on passing out of this institution with a score of 93% in my ICSE 2016 exams. I thank my parents for giving me an opportunity to start my career in this institution. I also thank the Management , the Principal, the teachers fraternity, the Office staff including the Ayeahs, the van-service team and all other Fraternity of Florence Public School for having helped me during my stay here. I wish everyone in the institution all the very best in their endeavour on this memorable occasion.

GURUDUTT A. G. (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I would like to enrich my beautiful memories in the school with great saying “SCHOOL IS OUR SECOND HOME, TEACHER IS A SECOND MOTHER”, each and every word in the above saying is being served by Florence Public School. Each and every moment experienced in my school contributes a lot to my future. Any building requires strong pillars and foundation to last firmly for longer years. In the same way, future life of a student to flourish in a good way requires firm foundation.

I am very much honoured to tell Florence Public School had laid a strong foundation in my life. Every teaching staff, non- teaching staff, higher authorities all have framed up a persistent, strong pillars in my life. I would like to share my experience in this school, thereby I can show gratitude to my school.

A years back, as I entered school as a nursery kid, there was a shyness, frightiness, used to get goosebumps while interacting with teachers, but gradually as teachers started comforting me, I felt at an ease and started to open up my thoughts to understand the surrounding and started making friends.

As I moved to higher classes, teachers identified my interests and talents and supported me a lot to be a part of state and national level quiz competitions, essay competitions , debate, drama and many other co-curricular activities. I am very grateful and thankful to all primary and high school teachers who have moulded me to a better individual at each and every step, their support in studies was immense, teachers used to be available to clear my doubts irrespective of their busy scheduled classes.

Our teachers did not confine studies to just a bookish language, rather they opened up a real knowledge of men, society, nature, mind, advances in technology etc. They helped me a lot to personalise myself as a strong individual and thereby could face challenges in various competitions.

The talents week conducted every year in our school provided a wonderful stage to exhibit our talents, our interests. It also provided a lot of happy and funny moments with friends.

Today I stand out getting a good percentage(93.83%) in my board exam. This was made possible not alone by my hard work, but also by my parents and teachers. This success has a great share of my parents, teachers who strived hard by taking special classes, memorizing each and every topic many times, providing class notes etc. These all helped me a lot to face board exam with ease and to secure good marks.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Chairman Kudroli Sir, head mistress Ms. Abida Begum mam, Sardar Baig Sir and all other teaching staff for rendering a strong support to build my career in future. I would also express my thanks to all my dear friends for giving a best cherishing moments filled with fun, a lot of enjoyment, little naughtiness and also their help in studies.

My school days would always be remembered as a beautiful portrait filled with many colors.

Shashank N. (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I am C. H. Kushal Pavan who graduated from your school in 2016 with a very good percentage which I never expected. I also graduated as the Voice of Florence for the year 2016. The teachers and the staff made me very comfortable during the school hours. I am happy as I made my Principal Ma’am and teachers and my parents very proud of me.

I loved the education in my school as it is very systematic and the students are well trained. The environment and the atmosphere makes the students mind very peaceful and convenient to study. I will never forget my schooling days as I could never do those things which I did in these years of life. This is the only place where we can showcase our talent. The athletic meet, the annual day, the talents week, the trekking club etc all very very enjoyable. I am glad to be a student of Florence Public School. The teachers are well qualified and they are well experienced also. Our Principal Ma’am always supported us in every matter and also gave us lots of self-confidence. I thank my Principal Ma’am for all that she has done for us and for her support.

In conclusion, I just want to emphasis that school life is the very best time in our life. So when you are young and still going to school, you should make this time as beautiful and as colorful as you can.

C. H. Kushal Pavan(X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

Class 10 is always a crucial year for every student. We are forced to work harder. I was always a playful and a careless one in class, though I was told to study for 4 hours a day, I managed to spend 2 hours with my books every day.

It’s hard to believe that I managed to pass with 89.16% and would like to thank all my teachers for their support. The extra classes and the high achiever’s tests held everyday has helped me a lot.

For Florence, it’s another year, where all the 10th graders have managed to get through with many centum and 100 as the pass percentage. The teaching staff and the Principal are responsible for all of it, therefore I am very grateful to every one of them.

Pooja J.(X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I am proud to say that I have studied in Florence Public School. Here are few reasons why FPS is one of the best schools.

Florence Public School is blessed with experienced and trained teachers. The school provides best quality education with many extracurricular activities such as Sports Day, Talents Week, School Day. Many competitions are held throughout the year to bring out the best in a student.

In Florence Public High School, regular Parent – Teacher Meetings are held to discuss the progress of a student in Academics. Monthly Tests, RFT’s helps a student gain confidence to face final Exams.

For 10th std students “High Achiever Test” and “Average Achiever Test” are conducted daily which helps the students to face exams with fear it also helps in Time Management, Revision and to rectify our mistakes.

Hence, I would proudly say that I am Florencian. The school has laid a great foundation for my career.

SUHAS G. (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

‘Second home’..... A phrase commonly used for school. But to me, FLORENCE, has always been home. It always gave me a warm welcome every morning. Florence has played a huge role in who I am and what I am today.

Every new change that took place in me as a person has seen its origin here. Now, when I think of my journey so far, or I would rather call it my adventure so far, I realise I have changed from a child who was afraid of going on stage and facing a small audience to an individual who can now grab a mike and address a crowd with no shivers. Throughout this adventure there was a light that shone through the right route and that is my Principal Ma’am. She is the one responsible for this huge transformation of mine. At times needed, she has been hard and harsh only to mould me as a good leader who can show the way and go the way.

Ma’am has helped me have a new perspective to my own vision. And this was not just for me, but our whole group of leaders. Ma’am has been a source of confidence. Ma’am is a great hunter, a talent hunter in hunting the hidden talents of each of her students and encouraging them. She has always put light to the fact that every stage of life is a puzzle to be cracked and Ma’am has rightfully trained us to face the world with our heads held high, full of confidence as we walk out from our school.

Florence has provided the best platform to all its students to discover their talents, to know the outside world, the pain and pleasures of different people and to voice their thoughts through various activities and events like the assemblies, talents week and sports day. Now, the teachers. When school was home they were mothers at home. They always put in a lot of effort to understand each student and back them to show that nothing is impossible for a Florencian. I will forever be grateful to the management and staff of Florence for always believing in every student’s potential and instilling zeal and confidence in them. It was possible for me to score 92% in ICSE without any external coaching like tuitions only because of the good coaching provided here in this institution. This is the reason for the wonderful results every academic year.

Irine B. Thayil (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I am Ananya N of the outgoing batch of Florence Public School. I gave the ICSE board exam in the year 2016 and secured 93.33%. It was because of the support and encouragement of the teachers and our Principal I fared well in the board exams. Our teachers are well-qualified and very helpful. They created a good ambience for us to study. Principal and teachers always encouraged and inspired us to do well in our exams. The teachers made the subjects very easy to understand. The classes have smart boards which helped in the better understanding of the concepts. The school conducted many tests and exams which were very helpful. The teachers cleared our doubts and made ICSE easy.

Apart from studies, the school conducted many extra-curricular activities like SPORTS DAY, TALENTS WEEK and SCHOOL DAY, which acted as stress-busters. Talents week is one of the best events where the students can show their talents. There are many onstage and off stage events like singing, dancing, drama, limelight, elocution, teen chef etc. Students enjoy these events.

The Graduation Day for the outgoing 10th std was unforgettable. They celebrated it very grandly. They had taken us to a resort for a whole day. Speeches were given by both teachers and friends. Then there was a candle light song followed by a song sung by the choir group and then prize distribution. Many games were conducted by teachers.

I’m going out with wonderful memories of this school, I’m proud to be a Florencian.

ANANYA N. (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I Sathvika who was a student in your school since 2004 passed out 10th ICSE in your 2015-16 is writing this letter to express my gratitude.

I have reached the stage where I have to leave your institution and step towards next phase of my life. Your institution provided us good faculty, who are understanding and encouraging, supportive Principal and varieties of opportunities. Our teachers were very dedicated. They used to come before 7.45AM from far off places to conduct special classes and tests. They were more tensed and worried than us. Our teachers used to not have proper lunch clearing our doubts. Our teachers not only taught the content in our syllabus they also taught moral values. They used to spend fun time with us.

Your institution is not only focused on studies. It also pays attention on extra activities. Though we were in 10th our Principal and teachers didn’t restrict us from participating in any of the activities. They used to encourage us to showcase our talent in various competitions in talents week, sports day, annual day and inter-school competition.

My school experience was very good. We had HAT tests in the morning everyday. This tests helped us a lot. Our school assemblies included some competitions like debate, English speech, Kannada baavageethes etc. I spent wonderful days with my friends.

I am thankful to your institution for giving such wonderful teachers. They used to stay with us even after school hours for clearing doubts.

I am proud to be a Florencian.

Sathvika S. (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

‘ What’ and ‘if’ are two dangerous words. Many people are afraid to use them together. But here, as a part of this school I realised that these two words are magical ones and if they were used together , they would create miracles. The person who made me realise this was my Principal Ma’am. She made it possible for me to give wings to the fire within me. She made me realise how capable I was and the things I could do with my capability, even if it meant that she had to die and live as many times as needed.

She played an important role in not only my life but also in the lives of all the students who were a part of this institution. It is only upto the student to realise this and show gratitude. But even if they don’t realise it, the person who they have become today, a major part of it was thanks to this school and its principal. She shaped us into who we are today even if meant she had to be hard on us. But now that I think of it, if she hadn’t been hard on us we would’nt have changed, well you can’t blame us, we are teenagers. But despite all, she let us explore ourselves and that’s what matters the most.

I had a lot of fun this year. I was the kind of girl who was more into extra-curricular and having fun rather than studies. To be completely honest, I did not take my studies seriously until I realized that I had about 3 months left for my public exams. I was scared, yes, well who wouldn’t be. But I made it through and it was all thanks to the support and encouragement I received from my parents and my school, I was able to score satisfactory marks. Though, to many people my marks may seem unsatisfactory, to me it was amazing. Even though I did not score a 90+ percentage, I was satisfied with it and that’s the most important thing. FYI, I got an 81%, not so bad, huh. My school made it possible for me to become an all-rounder. It made me realise that 98% or 99% marks are not all that’s there to life. What a child needs is not good marks all the time but an all-round development. The ability to make quick decisions, the courage to stand up to one’s self, and the strength to face any obstacles that may come our way. What a child really needs are the three ‘self’s’, Self-confidence, Self-respect and Self-care. My school helped shape me into the bold, courageous, confident, and smart girl that I am today. This may seem a bit of an exaggeration but it is true. Marks were not all that I needed. My school gave me everything else I needed as well. The teachers are amazingly good at what they do, they are well experienced as well. They were always ready to help me if I had any doubts whatsoever, need it be in studies or other matters.

Every year we had Talents week, Annual day and Sports day. These were the best times of the year. We get to go out and have fun. We get to out of our boxes and explore ourselves (P.S. I mean not only our minds but also the four walls of our class rooms). Our school would even encourage us and arise a competitive spirit within us. This taught us the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, which is very important for one’s character. Marks have never defined a student’s capability and they never will. What defines us is our character and abilities and I am confident that I have built a strong and positive character through the experiences I’ve had as a student of this school. Overall, I am glad I was a part of this crude institution. It really made me feel at home.

Yuktha Manjunath (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I, Karuna Varadaraju an ex-student of Florence passed my 10th standard in ICSE syllabus successfully securing 78%. To hear 78% might be really less but for me I feel its great, because I was average and I dropped subjects too sometimes. My family even never thought I would score. 70% and my father was doubtful would drop in Mathematics and I would have a year back.

Everybody tells ICSE is difficult but the actual fact is that ICSE is better than state syllabus only because of support of Principal, teachers and family and friends. The school teachers of Florence are really capable enough to make ICSE the best easy only provided that the students should have interest. Each teacher is always ready to help any student, especially any time for slow learners. They put their 100% efforts and so that each and every student gets best results. Principal always stands as a support and a confidence for a parent about their child.

Coming to facilities of Florence it has provided its best facilities. Class rooms are spacious for 35 to 40 students. Each class has its own Educomp facilities science subjects experiments are easily made understood by teachers through help of Educomp. The campus of school is well and good with a ground, auditorium and sports room. The school always conducts summer camps every year to not make the students holidays boring. The school also has spacious computer labs to make computer learning easy.

It has always gives best stage and motivation through talents week and school day for everyone to participate and enjoy.

I would conclude by saying I was always proud to be a Florence and will always be too. The base for my good future is always Florence.

Karuna Varadaraju (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I am glad to share my experience. cause I spent my 10 amazing years as a florencian. Being Florencian was one of my greatest life experience because they not only thought us all about studies but they even thought how difficult is life.

They brought confidence in me to face those challenges. Apart from all this they even thought how important are our parents by taking us to a visit to orphanage and old age home and made us realize that we should be the person win full of greatfulness. They moulded me into a better person by giving me opportunities like being a school captain which made me responsible. It made me to overcome are the obstacles which come on my way and thought me to be strong. Not only that the talents week gave me an another opportunity to show case my talent.

A talent which I didn’t even know that I had within me and that was RJ ing .

I never thought I could even give a shot for RJ ing. But trust what people had in me made me win the title ‘THE BEST RJ’. Florence gave me my own identify which I never had.

All Thanks to my teacher and my principal ma’am who guided me tot eh right path towards studies and encouraged me too. Its all my teachers hardwork to make me the topper of the school.

LAMIZ MUNSHI(X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I am an ex-student of Florence Public School. I have given my ICSE board examination in 2016 and have secured 94.5% without taking much help of my tuition. It was because of our wonderful teachers and a good environment which helped us to study. The teachers made every topics very clear to us and also gave related homework. There were tests organised such as HAT(High Achiever’s Test) and AAT (Average Achiever’s Test) in the morning and special classes after school for the 10th standard. There was also a doubt clearing session on Saturday for an hour after school ( for 10th). These really helped us to grasp the concept.

There were also many co-curricular activities other than studies. Talents Week is held every year where the students get an opportunity to show their talents through various competitions. Both on-stage and off-stage events are held along with group events such as elocution and debate in English, Hindi and Kannada, singing, teen chef, mock parliament, limelight, inter-house group dance and many more. Annual School Day and Sports Day is also held. Training in various types of sports is also given. Graduation Day for the outgoing 10th standard was also held grandly. The students were taken to Dharamshi Resort for the day. Speeches were given by students as well as teachers which was followed by prayer, lighting the candle and prize distribution. Games were also conducted by the teachers. Students were also allowed to dance. Breakfast and lunch was also provided.

Shreya Roy (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I, Sindhuja Muralidhar, of Class X ‘A2’of batch 2015-2016 feel proud to be graduated as a student of this prestigious institution. My journey of schooling has been im-memorable in this esteemed institution.

I thank you for your untiring and endless support in bringing the best of our capability and potential to score good marks in the board exams. I thank all my teachers for their constant support and guidance, without which it would not have been possible to obtain the secured results.

I dedicate my result to you and to all the teachers Ma’am. I firmly believe that just as the foundation of a building has to be strong enough for the building to stand tall upright, the foundation of my life and education has been made strong by this institution. I express my profound gratitude to this institution, to you and all my lovable teachers Ma’am.

Sindhuja Muralidhar (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

I have listed a few pros and cons about what I feel about my favourite school.


  • Excellent Teaching
  • Friendly teachers
  • Proper training given before BOARD EXAMS
  • Programmes on SCHOOL DAY fantastic
  • HAT is really helpful and continued till Feb.


  • Sports especially Badminton for boys.
  • Van facility a must for 10th std.
Shreyas Hebbar( X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch)

Having a CBSE background, for me, Nikhil Nair, it was not easy task to get the hang of the vast syllabus of ICSE and that was because of which the principal of Florence Public High School, was a bit apprehensive about letting me join the school in standard 8, but on my father’s convincing persuasion she instilled faith in me and allowed me to join the school and there began my journey with Florence.

Initially I found the syllabus quite burdening but I worked really hard, relative to my previous efforts, and managed to secure 80% marks in 8th (79.4 to be precise) all thanks to my teachers, principal , parents and hard work.

In ninth it was easy for me as I had understood the pattern of correction in ICSE and also I had found some inspiring friends. Apart from all these factors the main factor which motivated to perform even better was the target which Abida madam set for me. She told me that since I scored 80% in 8th I must score more than 85% in 9th and more than 90% in tenth. At first this task seemed to be tough task but there was no harm in giving my best. Thereafter I became serious about my studies, because of which I was able to accomplish both the tasks, 87% in 9th and 95% in 10th.

After all this, I have understood that there is no school like Florence where teachers and all others try to find the slightest spark in every child. Here they provide a platform for almost every talent one can think of, even I was able to discover the budding scientist in me. Here every child has a place for himself where he showcases his skills. This school is well known for its academics which is the result of the hard work of both teachers and students.

Here every child is given special care to ensure that he or she is ready for any exam. If I were to describe the school in one sentence I would do it like this: " Florence is a machine that inputs a student and returns a responsible individual."

Nikhil Nair (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

India - The land of freedom. The land where people breathe free air. Twenty – first century now, but are we really free? Do we really enjoy the freedom, the bloodshed bought for us? Is India , now, really a country of sin ? No. India is a country of freedom, and in freedom, most people find sin. We, the Indians, use this liberty and freedom only to propagate and practice corruption. We find corruption in all areas of the society – from the administration which rules us, to the holy places of worship. Hence, we, the common people are curbed by the strings and arrows of corruption. We can hardly express our views freely. Women and children are not at all safe. To me, freedom means a corruption free society, where we can express our views and need not edure sufferings. I want to live in that country which was once dreamt by our forefathers. Ultimate freedom is attained only when everyone are treated equal and when the best is given to the worthy.

Ashwini H. ( X ‘A2’ )

Every moment spent here was a gift, the value of which we truly understood, when we walked out of its gates. We left our school not only with a great education, but with principles and values that we will always hold close to our heart.

Sir, you showed us that being taught is as important as what is being learned, by watching you, we learned lessons in life, that there is a fine balance between work and ethics and in mastering this fine line of distinction is how we can achieve greatness, that there is no good, that will ever be unreturned. The time that we spend interacting with you, will forever be precious.

Our education at Florence Public School was an experience, the kind that imbibes a deep impression on our very being. Every person here makes us feel welcomed and gives away so much warmth and love. We will never be able to forget all our teachers and our dear Principal Ms. Abida Ma’am. She is a great influence in our lives and has shaped our personalities. The gratitude we owe to her cannot be put into words, her direction and guidance will be the light in our paths. We thank you Sir, in these humble words for giving us the opportunity to be nourished under her.

Sir, you provided us with the financial and emotional support when we most needed it. You made our faith in the goodness of the world and the Almighty stronger. You gave us home and love, when everything from us had been taken away. We often thought that our school was the Almighty’s way of looking down us, protecting us and he did this through you. As we venture into the next phase in our lives, you will always remain in our thoughts and prayers .If it were not for your benevolence, we could not have come this far. Thank you Sir, for touching our lives. Thank you.

Shifa Kouser( 2011 - 12 Batch)

One year ago, I was not like who I am today. I was shyer, very serious and way too silent. I was known as a boring nerd. But Florence changed that for me. Although I got 97% in the Boards, no one calls me a nerd. Because that is what Florence did to me. FPS gave me an amazing platform to prove that I know much more than just studying.

Even if I was capable, I don’t think I would have accomplished this feat without all the support Florence has given me. Unlike many other schools, FPS focuses on every subject, and not just Science. The amazing faculty ensures that a child is able to focus on his/ her strength , while enjoying the subject he/she hates too. Adequate extra-curricular, regular and unique tests, awesome teachers and a very approachable principal make Florence the best school any child could go to!

Any student studying in Florence DOES NOT require tuitions at all. In my opinion, the school teaches way better than a tuition, and tuitions would just be a waste of time. I never went to tuitions; my dream was fulfilled solely because of the excellent coaching Florence provides.

In short, Florence is where a child has to be!

HARINI M. S. (X ICSE, 2015 - 16 Batch )

Freedom to me means being responsible for my mistakes despite the consequences. Freedom means making my own decision whether it is good or bad. I want to be independent and face the real world rather than face only a glimpse of the real world. There should be freedom for learning, age shouldn’t be the criteria, freedom to study higher education at young age. Freedom to me also means, freedom to choose my role model and what I want to become despite the difficulties despite the failure .Hence, freedom cannot be asked it must be achieved .

Faisal ( X ‘A1’ )

Freedom to me is to enjoy with friends and family and to have a huge fight with my enemies. But once freedom should be in limitation. Freedom to me is to select my dream and goal where I feel happy. But freedom to me is not to hurt other feeling.

Freedom to me is that I can wear anything I want. Freedom doesn’t mean to disrespect any of them and humiliate them. I can fall again and again and try achieving the goal how many times ever I want, no one can stop me. It even means that I can have opinion about anyone, anything or nothing too. I have freedom to put my own ideas and innovate things or come to a conclusion though it must be a stupid one. I have freedom to admire things .

Lamiz ( X ‘A’ )

Freedom to me is right to do what I like to do i.e. to do something in which I have interest. I say this because I feel the society criticizes the person who has a unique and a different dream. Freedom to me means a corruption free society. Freedom means where I can walk freely without any worries on the streets of India .Where I can feel safe and secure . Freedom to me means where the victims should get proper justice. Freedom means where I can choose my own Indian leader. Freedom to me means seeing the children studying but not lifting the load.

Kulsoom ( X ‘A1’ )

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