Student's Opinion

The students of Florence come from diverse cultural background. They learn to be happy in school and learn the social skills. This fosters the spirit of brotherhood. They learn values like honesty, helpfulness, humility, tolerance and hard work.

Students expressed their views about their school when they secured high marks in the Board Examination 2016-2017.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the Principal Ma'am Ms. Abida Begum, the wonderful teachers and the support staff for making my school life so wonderful. It was because of your wonderful institution and experiences teachers who helped me clear the 10th ICSE Exam with a percentage of 87%.

I am also really thankful to the teachers of your institution who co-operated with us cleared our doubts and helped us in every possible way to achieve our goals. The support staff of your school were also very helpful.

I cannot express my gratitude in words for the help your institution has given me throughout my learning years at your school. Thank you for all that you have given us sir were also very helpful.

Mohammed Saad X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Being in Florence Public School for 12 years was a great experience. This school has a very good education system as well as extra curricular activities more over many sports events to participate.

The teachers are very helpful in clearing the doubts. The teachers in this school have put a lot of effort to bring success in our exams.

Nanditha Raj B R X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

"I spent amazing years at the school" Florence Public School has brilliant teachers, polite and well mannered and professional as well.

It focuses on all ability of children. Good balance of academic, sports and cultural activities. Teachers are very supportive and impartial. Just because of the support of all my teachers and Principal I have scored 94.60% in my board exam ( 2018 – 19 ) without any tuitions.

All the teachers encouraged me to clarify my doubts and understand concepts better. The high achievers test that the school was conducting daily also helped me a lot.

Bindiya P X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the members of the school, respected Chairman Sir, Shri F A Kudroli, dear Principal Madam, Ms. Abida Begum, all my lovely teachers and all the support staff. Florence has always been an institution that encourages its students to follow and achieve their goals.

My time in Florence has been really wonderful. I was a slow student and I was not performing well with my grades. It is because of the teachers and our Principal Madam that I performed really well in my 10th board exams and also excelled in English Literature. Florence also has a plus point that is, The teachers. Teachers in Florence are amazing and kind. They take care of their students and see that the child will perform well in his / her exams. Teachers also see that the student have cleared all their doubts that he / she has.

They are also ready to stay back and clear the doubts of the students after school timings which is something that we don’t see in many schools. The class rooms are also clean and tidy. The school library has more books which are really educational and fun. Discipline and manners is something that is strictly followed in the school. The P.T hours are fun as I enjoyed myself playing table tennis with my friends and P.T Masters. School assembly is something that I am really fond of as every time there is something creative and entertaining in the morning which actually helps me with my early morning mood swings.

Talents week and Annual day celebrations are some really great opportunities for students to showcase their talents. The best day that I had in Florence was 14th of August when I had delivered my first speech which made my teachers and Principal Madam really happy and I too felt proud of myself. I hereby conclude by stating that Florence is the institution that moulds and shapes the students for their bright future.

Abhin Singh X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I am writing this letter to thank my Principal ma'am, teachers and all the staff members for my success in the results. Life would have not been happier in any other institutions. This school has thought me many important lessons which I shall never forget.

From the very beginning this school has always fulfilled my needs to make me feel comfortable.

I would once again thank my Principal and all my teachers for their tiring effort to my success.

Medha Harish X ICSE [ 2018- 19 ]

I am really fortunate to have joined the great institution, "Florence Public School", as my mother also studied here.

It was her wish to join me her. I have studied from UKG to class 10.

I had the privilege of participating in sports, entertainment programmes like dancing, style act etc and other extra curricular activities.

During my school days here, I had excellent coaching by helpful teachers. I am grateful to them for this guidance, valuable support and above all moral discipline.

They have groomed us to the level, to achieve high marks in 10th standard, which enabled me to join the best institution for my future career.

Sahanya R X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I Hema S a proud student of Florence Public School gradated in the year 2019.

Florence taught me many things. I lost my stage fear only after performing in the talents week events and annual day.

Florence instilled confidence in me and made me more responsible. Coming to sports, Florence has all kinds of sports activities. Moreover they give free coaching for the students interested in sports after school hours.

Coming to academics, Florence has always been helpful to me. The pre – final examinations and the special classes in the morning and evening are really helpful.

They keep the question papers really tough so that the board papers are really easy. And yes, that’s true. I never got above 65% in my school examination but scored 88% in my boards. This shows that board papers are really easy compared to school examinations. Coming to cultural programs, Florence gives everyone a chance to take part in the events the students are interested in.

The best part about Florence is that it gave wonderful friends and unforgettable memories. But one thing is for sure that wherever, I go or whatever I do, I am a FLORENCIAN forever.

Hema S X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the school principal Ms. Abida Begum, all the teachers and the management for their endless support.

I am among the outgoing batch for this year and I cannot leave without letting our principal madam know of my appreciation. A heartfelt thanks to madam for her kind help and support she provided us with as well as a good learning environment. Principal madam’s words of encouragement and advice during assemblies and visits to classes helped most of us to be where we are today. Madam has always pushed us to do our best.

All the teachers absolutely standout because of their sheer dedication towards their students. Each and every student was able to count on for extra help and clarification which was really special to all the students and it showed how much the teachers cared about our happiness and success. The teachers included many fun activities to enhance our learning, related the lessons to real life examples that allowed the material to make more logical sense to us and give us something to relate the lesson to. Honestly, they truly made us realize how capable we are.

The special events held were fun, interactive, knowledgeable, including physical fitness.

Florence Public School has been a strong pillar in my life which has taught everything needed and has left many memorable marks in my thought album.

OLIVIA DEBROY X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I am writing this letter to say thank you for the education you provided.

Thank you so much for putting in timeless efforts to make high school a great success.

The teachers were very helpful and it is a great institution.

Pranav Thapa X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Florence Public School, has played a major role in my life. I learnt many things here. But most importantly I learnt about dedication and team work. The healthy competition in this school enabled me to step – up my hard work and achieve my goals.

Being selected as the house captain for two years in a row taught me how to be selfless and encouraged me to take up various responsibilities.

The teachers here are so inspiring and encouraging, they were always available to clear our doubts inspite of the tight schedule they had.

Lastly, I am immensely appreciative to the efforts put in by Florence to help their students to become better citizens.

Shivani M X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I am pleased with my education that I have received from the school. I have improved in many ways due to the great efforts of the staff and all the hard work from the school. The school has taught me and given me good knowledge that will surely help me in my future. I really enjoyed the great coaching and will always be grateful for what I have learnt. I thank you again principal ma’am for the wonderful years that you have given me.

Shifa X ICSE [2018 – 19 ]

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the school for helping me in my boards. The teachers have helped and supported me a lot in my studies. They were also there for me when ever I needed them. I also enjoyed their classes and explanation. Nextly I would like to thank principal ma'am who always helped me in my studies. I enjoyed the journey of Florence school. Another name for achievement and success in a student’s life is Florence Public School Thanking you.

Nida Nabreen

My name is Gagana A, I am glad to say that I scored 91.4% in X ICSE . The teachers were very supportive and friendly, were fun with all the students. Florence has given excellent education for me since my 1st grade. Even without tuitions I succeeded to score above 90%. All the teacher were supportive and made my 10th more enjoyable. Lastly, Florence has given me a great environment for cherishing childhood and mixed emotional school days.

Gagana A

I, Rohit Raju G student in this school and it was a great experience for me as I miss my school, teachers and the staff.

I have passed out with a good academic record and will always be thankful to the management and other respected people.

Thank you very much

Rohit Raju G X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

My Principal Ma’am and teachers have been a great source by which I have achieved a great result as the first step to success. Without their guidance and support, a 100% result every time is not possible. Students achieving such great results are just because the hard work and dedication of the teachers. From the start of my 10th std, our Principal Ma’am and teachers always kept advising us not to go to tuitions as it is a money as well as time waste. The time in what we go to tuitions, can be utilized by studying what the teachers had taught that day. My father was always worried about my grades and wanted to send me to tuitions but our teachers ensured him the result will be good and the coaching done in school itself is more than enough. I didn’t go to tuitions but still I made it to get 90+ in board exam due to the scheduled revision of our school. Just by listening to teachers, attending morning tests and classes were really helpful for me to achieve good marks. Specially the revision done here before board exams is the best. The tests given were interesting and has also helped me a lot. Lastly I would like to thank our Principal Ma’am for her great effort for the sake of us and all the amazing teachers who have helped me achieve good result which has made my parents proud.

Bushra Farheen Y X ICSE [2018 – 19]

Florence has been like the second home for me. The teachers have been extremely kind and they always supported me throughout my learning phase. They have always showed their selfless love, care and attention to each one of us.

Florence has provided its students a very friendly and comfortable environment which encourages the students to achieve their goals and expectations I would like to thank our principal who has always portrayed the image of a highly disciplined personality yet so kind and humble. I am very sure that the lessons of life we have learnt from this institution will help us climb the ladders of success while being humble and modest at the same time.

Fareeha Mulla X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I Dhruv Joshi, studied in your prestigious institution give feedback. Florence Public School has always been my home and family where I learnt many things. This was the golden era of my life which shaped my character and attitude. My teachers had always been my friends to whom I could open up whenever I could. Lastly, I would like to say – Time will change, humans will change, priorities and prayers will also change but I as a devout Florencian will never change whatever I experienced.

Dhruv Joshi

I thank my school and teachers for giving us such a honest teaching and caring about us. I love many things about my school like how our principal and teachers are always there for us when ever we needed them and how they encouraged me to take part in extra curricular activities as well as in my studies and even in sports. Being in this school has made me more confident and independent than I was before. I really thank this school for all their love, support and care they have given me.

Saaniya Zainab

School is said to be a temple of knowledge, the very first place that introduced me to the world and more so to my own self. My school life is all about the memories I deeply cherish. The memories of not only the fun, friendship and all the sport and extracurricular activities but also the way it helped me find my interests. I owe it all to my school life. It has made me who I am today.

I would like to thank all our teachers who prepared us for the world outside. Our teachers have been an epitome of strength and a great pillar of support to all of us. They have been as strict as father and as loving as mother, equally caring like a friend, a strict disciplinarian and yet always so approachable. Our teachers are wonderful human beings because they have accepted all of us with all the weakness and have worked upon us to overcome those weaknesses.

Teachers taught us to be persistent and chase the dream without compromising on small issues that was one of several lessons I have learnt from all of them. I would like to care a word of gratitude with our loving teachers, as we have always been very grateful to all of them. I thank all the teacher, Principal Ma’am and all other staff members. I specially thank you ma’am, you trusted us that we would go out of the school with flying colours. Thank you for being an indispensable part of our lives!

Aadhya A X ICSE [2018-19]

Wonderful experience with immense competition and excellent teaching and support making the learning experience an unforgettable one.

Thanks to all the teachers, management and staff for their support and encouragement throughout the years.

Thank you very much

Sharan K X A2 [ 2018 – 19 ]

I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the education I, Mohammed Yunus Faraz had at Florence Public School. I have had great success by studying at this institution. The teachers and staff are friendly and very helpful. Without the help of all the teachers, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the percentage that I did.

This institution has also helps me by making me participate in extra curricular activities. Even though I wasn’t especially good at nothing. I am glad I tried my best. Leaving my school life behind, I will not have any regrets for not being able to participate in activities.

Thank you for presenting the students with opportunities to express themselves.Thank you for all your efforts, and those of your staff.

Mohammed Yunus Faraz X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Florence Public School played a key role in shaping my personality. The competition in school in both sports and academics pushes each and every student to perform to the best of their abilities. The school management is open, encouraging and most importantly well organised.

I, who studied in Florence Public school from fast ten years had the opportunity to learn and participate in several literary, cultural and sporting events and I was constantly being pushed and encouraged to be the best I could be by my teachers and especially by my principal.

There was a time when I had to choose between sports and academics, but my principal taught me how I could balance both with finesse. She recognized my talent and made sure all my achievements were visible to everyone.

Inspite of my shortfalls my teachers and my principal encouraged me the whole time. I have precious memories in this school which will last forever!

Most importantly everyone in here ( School ) gave me the confidence to stand up for myself and be counted. The teachers are amazing who have played an indispensable role, teaching me both technical details of subject and also how it use them practically in life.

Now, going to college is like going to the open ocean where there are millions of other fishes where as, school was an aquarium where I was protected from every side. I am really grateful to this school and thankful that I joined this school. There is a deep emotional connect which will luring me back to visit often!

Mridula Prasad X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Had a really wonderful time in Florence Public School. Florence gives equal opportunities to each student to excel in the filed of their interest. Really loved the cooperation of the teachers and Principal mam towards us students. The teachers are always ready to clear the students doubts. They are ready to explain the topic 100 times too for the students to understand. I scored 86% in my boards though I used to score hardly 56% in my Pre – Boards. This change in the percentage was because of the excellent coaching. If I would not have joined tuitions I would have surely crossed 90%.

Thanking the management and staff

Yashaswini X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Florence Public School has been like a second home for me. Teachers were very supportive, friendly and kind throughout my entire school life. The 11 years here was a wonderful part of my life.

Florence encouraged me to achieve my goals by providing me a really good environment. Lastly I would like to thank all the staff for taking good care of me.

Bhavana S X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

Being the new student is never easy. My family and I had to move abroad due to my father’s job situation. However, after a few years we were asked to move back to India. It was very challenging for me to get admitted into any school because I had missed the basics of almost every subject. Luckily, Florence Public School Welcomed me with open arms. Principal Ma’am all the teachers took great pains to make me feel as comfortable as possible. Even the students in class treated me very nicely and not once did I feel left out.

The teachers helped me out with all my doubts. There were so helpful that there were times when they would sacrifice their lunch time just to make me understand a concept. But the school not only supported me academically , but they also took interest in my extra curricular activities. Principal gave me an opportunity to attend summer internship at The Times of India office . I was sent to various creative writing competitions as well. I was offered a spot in the school choir and a chance to become a leader several times. The school had many events to showcase the talents of the students. I was encouraged to take part in as many events as possible. The best part was that students would receive awards and certificates which was really encouraging.

I was really glad to have joined a school that gave equal importance to extracurricular activities as well. I joined this school in eight grade, the beginning of high school. Even though I struggled in eth beginning to cope up with the content of the subjects, I was able to perform fairly well in my examinations, thanks to the endless support of Principal Ma’am and my teachers.

The school told my parents that I had a lot of potential to score above 90 % in my tenth grade board exams. If someone had asked me in eth beginning of the school year how much would I score in my finals , I probably would have said a very low percentage. But, thanks to the constant, tireless and endless support of Principal Ma’m and my teachers, I was able to score above 90% in my board exams, having missed the basics. I owe it all to Florence Public School for making me achieve the unimaginable. I could not have asked for a better school. It is heartbreaking that my experience here at Florence Public School has come to an end. The past three years at this school have been some of the best years of my life. I will never forget what Chairman Sir , Principal Ma’am and my teachers and my friends have done for me here at Florence Public School. I will always be grateful to them.

Rania Rakesh Solomon X ICSE [ 20198 – 19 ]

It has been very pleasant experience being in Florence Public School.

It has been all because of all the supportive teachers in this school and I enjoyed my school years and learnt many things and am ready to move on.

Thanking the management and staff

Harshit Khanna X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

An Educational Institution plays an important role in shaping and moulding the career and character of a student. Schools play an important role in all round development of a student and instilling moral values, ethics and discipline. 13 years ago, when I stepped into Florence, the welcome was rather warm. But there I was, just holding my mother’s hand and crying and not willing to leave her hand. But once when I went in everything is changed. I believe that the job of Nursery teacher is very difficult. It is very difficult to manage a class full of 3 years old kids without shouting at them and teaching everything from scratch, from teaching how to hold a pencil to teaching a foreign language English. The fundamental role played by nursery teacher is the most important one. Then three years later, my life in primary school even here, the students here are still tender and everything has to be spoon-fed. The teachers in lower primary did a fantastic job to send me fully geared to middle school.

In Florence, the three years in middle school is great. Here is when, some considerable responsibilities is given to the students. The students are given different portfolios such as House Captaincy and Secretaries and Presidents for various departments. This period is full of opportunities as there is not much to read and study and there is ample time for various extra curricular activities. A lot of impetus was given to interschool competitions and sports, where students were sent to various competitions and thereby exposing them to the real competition outside the boundaries of the school. The same is true when it comes to sports as well.

Probably the best phase of school life is during High School. In high school, Florence gives a lot of importance to extra curricular activities and alround development of a personality. Here the talents week has many events related to public speaking. From debates to declamations, from group discussions to seminars, utmost importance is given to language skills and soft skills on these arevery important, once a student leaves school and faces the real world. Florence has always sent students to various competitions at school’s expenses for the benefit of the students. The teachers have been very friendly and nice. Speaking particularly about the all important 10th grade, the school has been very supportive. Tests were conducted everyday for high achievers and remedial classes for students who were facing difficulties with a particular subject( s).

After every test, the paper was discussed in class to show the mistakes we committed and not to repeat them again, Three pre- finals were conducted to make sure that all students are used to writing exams and to minimize tensions, anxiety and fear of board exams and to minimize the errors committed, ready reckoners were prepared by teachers prior to board exams. These consists of 100 questions which are likely to be asked across various topics. The teachers were very supportive throughout.

All in all , my experience in Florence was great, If I can speak fearlessly on stage today, it is because of opportunities given to me. The responsibilities bestowed on me in middle and high school had made me responsible. Acco0rding to me, students can study on their own once they reach the certain level, but soft skills can’t be learnt from a book. It has to be developed from constant interaction and exposure. Florence is always taken a bold and a firm stance when it comes to alround development of students. Any person or school teach you to score marks, but not all schools can give the students the gift of true exposure to various situations and competitions. Not all schools take the pain of organizing Talents Week through a period of more than nine days and awarding winners with various trophies as an encouragement. Not all schools organize sports events – Cricket, Football, Basketball, track events, indoor games etc, all within the academic year. I would conclude by saying that I would forever remain indebted to Florence and would like to thank all the teachers and non- teaching family of the school and also our beloved principal.

Nandana N Hegde X ICSE 2018 – 19

I, Neharika, Secretary Student Council (2018-19)would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Chairman, Principal, teachers and staff of Florence Public School for catering to my all-round development for ten whole years. Florence, with its friendly and family-like environment made me the person I am today. As a student, I learnt many lessons beyond the classroom from my time in the Student Council, the highly experienced teachers, caring Principal and my worthy circle of friends.

I was always encouraged to pursue all my dreams and extra curriculars. In high school if I happened to miss out on classes due to various reasons the teachers would be regular in giving me updates about the said classes. The sports facilities here encouraged me to pursue my ardent passion in sports especially karate and athletics. And the best part, even though I was involved in many extra curriculars, the daily unit tests and pre boards helped me score an excellent score in the ICSE board examination(91%). Due to all of this, I’m proud to say that I identify as a true Florencian – a well rounded, respectable and grateful citizen of India.

Neharika X A3

I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the members of my school, respected chairman, Shri F.A. Kudroli, dear principal Ms. Abida Begum, all my lovely teachers and all the support staff. Florence has always been a great institution that encourages its students to express themselves and follow the right path towards their dreams. This institution has moulded me into a confident girl who is disciplined, integral and with good moral values.

I had a very beautiful time in Florence Public School and I have graduated from this institution with good memories to cherish. The best part about this institution is the faculty over here, my teachers had always supported me, helped me whenever I needed them, they always cleared my doubts besides having a busy schedule. The teachers over here are very dedicated and provide as a lot of information on our subjects so we understand better.

The teaching over here is so effective that I never needed tuitions. Today I have scored good marks because of my hard work and efforts of my teachers. Getting admitted into Florence was the best part of my life. I am going to miss my school a lot.

Thank you FLORENCE for all your love and support.

Huda Javeed X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I am really happy that I have completed my 10th grade [ ICSE ] successfully with 94.4%. I achieved this only because of the encouragement and inspiration given by the Principal ma’am , Teachers and the Management.

The Teachers in my school helped me a lot in my studies and other activities and I think these dedicated minds are the real heroes behind my success.

I was able to understand all the concepts taught in class clearly therefore there was no need to attend any tuition classes.

Ardra Ajayan .P X ICSE [2018-19]

I, Syed Fuzail studied in your school ( Florence public school ) and completed my tenth with 82% this year.

I thank you and all the teachers and staff members who helped me, supported me to do my best.

I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Syed Fuzail X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I, K. Sai Bhavesh studied 13 years in this school from Prep – I to class X [ ICSE ].

Every year I enjoyed a lot in this school, learning many new things. The teachers were very kind and cleared all the doubts I had.

In my X std, because of my teachers, I scored well in my board exam. So, I am happy that I joined this school.

K Sai Bhavesh X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I have been a part of this wonderful institution for about ten years now. This year I have cracked the class X board examination with flying colours, scoring 97.6% with second rank in my school .My whole journey of ten years in this school has been amazing with highs and lows, ups and downs, sad and happy moments. I gratefully thank the school staff and Principal ma’am for providing a good atmosphere.

My secret for good marks in my boards is the constant guidance and help that I have been getting from the school teachers. I haven’t taken any external help as I didn’t require because the school teachers only took extra classes so that we could revise our concepts and clear our doubts. For weaker students special classes were being taken in the morning. The syllabus was completed before hand so that plenty of time would be there for revision. Important guidelines, regular tests, notes and test papers from other school also help me in my preparation. Teachers till the end of the examination were with the students guiding them and trying to comfort them. Principal ma’am \has also been very supportive, giving advice to the students on how they can improve upon their weak subject. She was the one who guided the students to pay equal importance on academics and extra curricular activities.

I am very grateful to all the teachers who have helped me to perform Well and be what I am today.

Neha Gupta X ICSE [ 2018 – 19]

Myself V.K. Tharunya , I am very proud of having been a part of Florence Public School from U.K.G till my X STD

My teachers and Principal ma’am provided me a motivational environment to help me secure more than 90%. Periodical assessments and continuous pre – boards helped me to revise the portions again and again, It was such as wonderful experience for having associated to get good marks.

V.K. Tharunya X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

I would like to thank all the members of Florence Public School, respected chairman Sir Shri F.A. Kudroli, dear principal Ma’am Ms Abida Begum and all my teachers and the support staff. I completely love the atmosphere of this school.

The level of education and values of life taught to the students here are fantastic.This school has made my life so much better. Our principal Ma’am has always believed in us and is supportive for the overall development of her students. The teachers were dedicated and supportive and always cleared my doubts. They always encouraged students to be their selves, follow their dreams and never loose hope. The institution has served me a lot during the 7 years I have spent here. Today I am here and have scored 92.6% in my Board Exams. I never took tuitions as the teaching provided by my teachers was enough .All my doubts were clarified. At last, I would like to thank every person who has played a role on my life and helped me come this far.

Refa Nausheen X ICSE [ 2018 – 19 ]

being a student in FPS for 12 years , I felt Teaching faculty is very good , helpful and co- operative.

Writing HAT exam every day has helped me in studying on daily basis. Other than studies. I had lot of support for co – curricular activities. I participated in sports day, Talents week & Annual Day.

I am very happy that I was a FLORENCIAN

SHUBRATA S A X ICSE [ 2018- 19 ]

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