Activities at Florence

Jump Bunch

Florence has introduced a sports activity called Jump Bunch, which is structured and well equipped. This programme will offer a huge add on to a child’s learning as well as physical fitness and develop mind and body skills at multiple levels.

Artistic Expression

Various art and craft activities like drawing, colouring, origami, leaf printing, collage work, spray painting, cotton painting and sand work enhance the tiny tots muscle movement. Free Hand Drawing Competition, Rhyme time and various Sports Activities insist the competitive spirit among the students.

Story Telling

If you want your child to be intelligent read them stories, so do our teachers narrate stories to the toddlers. This helps in vocabulary development and sense of imagination. The puppets, pictorial charts, flash cards and audio visual aids make a lasting impression n the child’s mind.

Colour Day

As the school believes in “learning by doing” the children are taught colour in so may fun ways. This helps the children to express themselves. The ability to identify colour is considered as marder and mile stone in a child’s congnitive skills. Recognizing the colour and identifying the colour names is an important part of child’s development.

  • Class rooms gets decorated on particular days in a particular colour.
  • The children are asked to wear particular colour dress on that day.
  • Children will sing some songs and rhymes based on particular colour.
  • Children are asked to get an object of the particular colour.
  • Teachers give information about that particular colours.
  • Children will do few activity based on the colour.

Grand Parents Day

Grand parents have magnanimous love for their grand children and pamper them a lot. This is the time when they are free from other responsibilities and can afford to play with their grand children and wheedle them with love. Grand parents day is always an excellent way for students and their grand parents to come together.

School hold some great events for grandparents.

  • Grand parents are invited as special guests.
  • Children share few lines about grand parents.
  • Grandparents participate in the various events conducted , which brings back their childhood memories.
  • Refreshments are provided for the grandparents and the kids.

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