Florence Public School follows ICSE syllabus which is quite flexible and child centered. Confidence and social skills are the key to the success of any person. This is the result of holistic development of children.

Children learn to share, explore, listen and speak with understanding at the end of kindergarten education. We at Florence believe in value based education which teaches them the value of honesty, loyalty, truthfulness, obedience, kindness and respect for elders.

The curriculum includes:


Key knowledge/skills/dispositions
Children’s artistic learning ability and development could be observed, for example, when they
Recognize elements of art explore elements of art in their art work
Textures(smooth, rough, hard, soft)use different texture to represent ideas events and personal experiences.
Shapes(shin, thick, spiral, wavy) and Linesuse shapes and lines to create patterns
Listen to different types of music talk about how they feel or what they imagine. When they listen to music.
Sing rhymes and storiesuse voice, body movement to dramatize songs, rhymes and stories.
Recognize colours Mix colours to get different shades

Discovery of the world of sports

Sports activities have been given full encouragement. "To create and provide a solid base base for learning, Florence has introduced, for the first time ever, a team called ‘Jump Bunch’ which will provide a unique sport program, which is structured and well equipped.

This program, like Jump bunch, will offer a huge add-on to a child’s learning as well as physical fitness and develop mind and body skills at multiple levels. Presently, Jump bunch is introduced only at the Kindergarten level, where children attend Jump bunch classes once a week.

Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy are crucial to the growth of children’s thinking and learning capacity. They express their needs, feelings, ideas and experiences through spoken and written forms. Florence believes in language development which is of the utmost importance in this cosmopolitan world.

Alphabet Knowledge

Naming the letters of the alphabets and recognizing the upper and lower case letter symbols in print. Learning becomes fun when it is play way including various activities like storytelling, rhymes, the use of flash cards, charts depicting letters and other learning tools are being used on a daily basis.

Number Knowledge

Recognizing and writing numbers, counting with fingers becomes fun when math’s in taught in a play way method.

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