Florence Montessori

Transition from Home to school

  • The day in Florence starts with arrival of children in school vans or with their parents. The teachers anxiously wait for the toddlers giving them a warm welcome. So the transition is complete as the child is handed over from one care giver to the other.
  • With prayer the toddlers are charged for the day of learning through fun filled activities.
  • We at Florence enable kids to have language skills, numerical abilities for better understanding of the world around them. All this with the help of Educational toys, stories and music.

Operation Cleanup

The toys and books are kept in place. Organizing things and the concept of cleanliness is taught at this tender age. After all, ‘Swatch Bharath’ concept starts in the class room.

Lunch Break

Children are made to wash their hands and have lunch with their friends. A little yummy in the tummy.

Outdoor activity

  • No learning is complete without sports. They are made to play on slides, swings and with sand. They are assisted with their teachers and attenders to the play ground. It is a great way to unwind.
  • When the last bell rings, each and every child is escorted to the school gate by respective teacher. Kids are picked up by parents or school van attenders. The child is sent home with a smile in the face, eager to come back to school the next day.

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